Monday, May 30, 2011

Shopping in Oman: consumer exhibitions at the Seeb Exhibition Center

I went to the Seeb Exhibition this week. Near the Golden Tulip hotel in Seeb (parking is the main drawback), it is worth going for deals on clothes, perfumes, kids toys, linens, shoes, bags, and some kitsch (I am fond of the African woven bowls and carvings). I go whenever I can when there is an exhibition on because the deals on dresses, bags, and shoes, as well as abayas, headscarves, and Arabic style gowns are often better than the stores and souqs. I was going for the Egyptian cotton caftans (aka jalabiyias/galabyia) because I wore these out and about in Muscat when I was a non-Muslim and I wear them now as a Muslim in the house dressed up with cute necklaces and earrings. They are so cheap that no one minds wearing them when doing housework. I got a fuschia one with white chord embroidery and an empire waist for 3 rials, a white one the same, and a teal one for 2 rials. Then I stumbled upon a yemeni traditional necklace for 4 rials (better price than Mutrah souq) that matched the neckline of the white dress perfectly, a a teal crystal necklace for 1 rial. Total spent for 3 outfits: 13 rials. I could have bought more but I didn't really need and it was sooooooooo crowded later in the evening. Other items I liked but didn't buy as I headed out.

A decent quality fake Hermes bag in black faux croc. 6 rials.

I saw nice linen handwoven curtains, beadspread & pillow covers at one booth. Two curtains 10 rials. I really liked but this was not what I was on a mission for. Party jalabiyias (Arabic and Khaleeji style chiffon dresses loaded with crystals and beadwork) for parties and weddings. About 20 rials but can be negotiated down to 10 rials at some booths.

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