Monday, May 16, 2011

For Women Thinking of Visiting the Grande Mosque in Oman: how to wrap a headscarf

Going to the Grande Mosque, it is obligatory for women to cover their hair, both non-Muslim & Muslim so I thought I'd make a really simple guide to the whole headscarf thing for those who've never tried it before. I remember my first Grande Mosque visit sweating through a cashmere pashmina shawl. Really icky. Omani girls, don't wear those on their heads for a reason. So wanna be comfortable AND stylish for your visit (from my experience with first-timers, what will PROBABLY end up as a photo session)? Well follow this easy guide.

Things you might need:a. 1 0r more rectangular scarves. To use just one ideally the scarf should measure 65 X 22 inches. Because Oman is a hot country, avoid cashmere, and save the pashminas for winter (which will still be too hot for you if you aren't a full-time live-in Oman expat). I use the black abaya scarves they sell in malls (and cheaper in the Souq, like Mutrah or Seeb) where I pick the Souq ones up for 4-6 rials. Fancier styles and brands from the mall can cost from 20-60 Omani rials.b. Stick hijab pins are a must for a newbie. I buy mine in the craft section at Lulu, next to the thread and sewing stuff, usually close to stationary. c. While you can use regular safety pins, try to invest in these plastic covered versions, they sell them at all tailoring goods stores, such as the one just down from Muscat bakery after the Ghubra R/A (on your way to the Grande Mosque from Al Qurum). These babies stop the fabric of the scarf from snagging on the loop of a regular safety pin.d. I highly suggest you buy one of these if you want to wear only one scarf. It is an under-cap. I like the ones they sell in the teen accessories section in Centerpoint Splash ect, but they do sell them in Lulu and other places in Oman. They make it so your scarf doesn't slip off your hair if you are not particularily skilled at wrapping.

The how to video guides:Video[easy] of how to wrap a rectangular scarf 65.5 X 22 inches:

Video [slightly harder but not much so] of how to wrap a rectangular scarf with stylish folds Video [two rectangular scarves required] of how to wrap the scarf like they do in UAE (I tie my scarf this way but forgo the flower hair clip for religious reasons).


C said...

i remember i went with my school, had no scarf on me so we went to the drama class and borrowed props! we looked quite funny but it did the job!

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

C: Oh that is so cute. Which prop did you borrow? When I read your comment I laughed, imagining very interesting attempts at headscarves.

I litterally sweated through my cashmere on my first trip, and my sister got a pin stuck in her scalp because we really didn't know what we were doing. But at least our scarves covered everything they were supposed to, which I guess means we did okay lol, depsite the pain and suffering which is SO NOT necessary.