Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day Out in Bausher, Oman

As far as my trip out to Bausher to see the falaj and fort there was concerned, it was a short trip, not more than three hours including sight seeing time and the drive from Muscat AND walk to get to the actual fort site. And the walk there from where you park your car near the sign that says "fort" is not exactly short. For those of you who are not so adventurous, and never leave Muscat, Bausher is an area that is part of Muscat, and has a small hot springs, this fort, and a falaj system to see and it is 30 minute drive from Qu'rum in most traffic. Like most forts in Oman who are not massive and situated on cliffs, this one can be hard to find, so do stop and ask a local if they know where the fort is. Children have better English then old men BTW. Once you do get close, there is an English sign for the site, so park your car and head down the dirt path then at the fork turn right down the dirt path from the parking (though there isn't a sign that says that). You pass the falaj system and some small farms and some nice examples of carved wooden doors. Eventually you will get to the fort site if you keep going straight on the right road. Here is a small fort (whose history I am alas ignorant of) and just past it some small ruins. Since I tried to google some pics of the place and couldn't find anything charming you get my bad cell phone portraiture. Forgive.

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