Friday, May 6, 2011

Children Left Behind the Wheel of Running Cars

This is a sight we unfortunately see in Oman on occasion. A child left alone and unsupervised in a car with the key in the ignition and the engine running. I know one occasion at one Select Gas Station stop that a car was put from neutral into drive and went straight through the wall. Because a kid was left inside.

MOP is a generally safe driver by standards here. He doesn't cut people off, he wears a seatbelt, he even owns a car seat for babies. But he doesn't have a booster seat, and does not strictly enforce children of other people that we know to wear seatbelts in our car. So one day we were driving with a little boy under the age of the three in the back. He screamed too much when you tried to make him wear a seatbelt because most Omani families don't make children or babies wear seatbelts so of course they won't like being strapped in. MOP was only going for a quick drive so he didn't force the issue. But at the corner there was an accident ahead so he had to slam on the break suddenly. The little boy went flying into the front, and bashed the gear shift stick into another gear, which fortunately, didn't cause the car to move forward into the accident, or reverse into those behind the car, but it DID damage the transition and could so easily have been worse.

People, buy your babies car seats! When they are too big for them, booster seats, they sell them at mothercare shop in City Center Al Muwalla. And get your kids used to wearing belts. You don't want them to become flying missiles through the event of an accident, do you? And don't leave children under a responsible age alone in the car with the engine running. Most cars have the option of leaving the AC and radio on without have the engine powered. Please, be careful.


Boxie said...

Each country is so different in the way driving is done. In japan we did not have seat belts in the back seats. Some cars did there others didn't. I think it is now law there that seatblets have to be worn in the back. In the UAE I was the car seat more then once lol. Also in oman I have been. Though I still remember the days that it was ok for a 5 year old to sit in the fount, but thoes where also the days of no air bags in 50% of the cars.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you can't leave the AC running with the engine off. It will keep blowing but can't chill the air unless the compressor is being driven by the engine.

However do I agree 100% about the stupidity of letting kids climb around in moving cars. This is how things were in the US and Europe till the 70s. Oman (and the Gulf generally) has advanced very fast in many ways, but it takes a while for the 'correct' way of using modern technology to catch up with its availability. This explains not being able to put mobile phones down, even while driving, in the cinema etc, not understanding how to dispose of garbage correctly, not strapping kids in, not knowing how to wait one's turn in traffic, inconsiderate parking etc.

The general public will become more sophisticated and catch up one day, but many kids will have died unnecessarily by then, and large parts of the country will look like a rubbish dump.


Saddened said...

This is not going to happen unless the government enforces it.

Noor said...

I always see this in Saudi as well. I think I am the ONLY car in Riyadh that had a car seat subhanAllah. I will see cars flying down the road with a small child hanging out of it. I just do not get parents here..

I'm Farsilla said...

i agree with u about this. as i know not only oman even saudi. they couldnt careless about their life n even the children. if we end up together in the future inshallah, im so gonna force my children to wear the seatbelt n even H. it will b a habit soon.


The MET Office said...

I am a Westerner living in Muscat area for more than 5 years. My observation is that many Omanis regard cars as toys / play things. Thus = no thought of danger to themselves, their children, others on or near the roadway. Makes me sad cause I see lots of potential for Omanis in Oman, but they are destroying it for themselves through causing so many auto accidents that destroy and harm their own lives and the lives of the rest of us.

Anonymous said...


pagdangananer said...

Hello to all,
I wish to ask the blogger if I could please use the image shown on this post. I hope to use this image for an art project to show and remind people of why it is dangerous to have babies in drivers seat while driving. This project is suppose to give awareness to everyone in Oman. It is for a school project. I hope that you can reply to me as soon as possible.
Thanks and Good day!