Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's Raining In Bahla Now

Everyone is outside enjoying the rain. I for one, am not. I do not like rain. Not AT all. People can't drive in it here. And I grew up with too much rain, too many grey skies.

I am a sunshine girl. But do enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Salam to the living princess in Oman,

I am a Syrian form Damascus, I am an architect too! I got married to a Tunisian architect few months ago. My husband works in heritage preservation and he has agreed in his work to move to Oman, but he asked that the residency place should be in Muscat, the manager in Oman is requesting that he stays in Bahla. I tried to find information about Bahla in the internet but failed. I wanted information in general such as houses and living in general there, can find a job there ?
I hope you can help me on this if it is not such a trouble.

Many many thanks

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

HK: Oh Bahla is a lovely place to live but isn't as free or modern (if you are trying to fit in with Omanis like me anyways) as Muscat but there are plenty of flats for rent. A big majlis and three bedrooms with 2 bathrooms ranges from 80-160 Omani rial, and actual home can be found from 150-250. Hard to scout rentals for her online though. Maybe you could email me OPNOprincess @ hotmail. com [no spaces] and I could see what's avilable for you better depending which month you were to arrive at. As for jobs, there usually are but that would be something you'd find better upon arrival. Finding jobs in Oman usually requires a little networking to get anything really good.

You might also like the wordpress blog, "Nomad in Nizwa" since she writes more about life in Nizwa which is less than 20 minutes to Bahla.

There is also a big grocery/convenience store in Nizwa, and more shopping though Bahla does have basic household goods ect. Muscat is 2 hours and 15 minutes from Bahla.

Life is way more affordable in Bahla than Muscat which is a plus, especially if you both find good jobs. BTW, if your fiance does take the job, let me know since I'd love to learn more about restorative work. My husband's family basically has their whole village to preserve and I don't know much on the subject:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your response, it is so helpful. I already sent you an e-mail ;-)