Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Inside Princesses' Kitchen: Chocolate Stawberry 'Carrots'

I totally love this idea. IF I celebrated Easter (which I don't, and no Muslim should) I'd totally make these this weekend.

But what I DO love about Easter? I buy all the on sale chocolate and make special treats, like fudge and chocolate covered strawberries. These would be such cute dessert for a tea party: strawberry chocolate carrots.

What you need is chocolate, strawberries, and food colouring. Use red and yellow to make orange, and blue for blue Robin eggs (what a cute place card holder a nest full of chocolate Robin's eggs would be, oui?).

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds or on a double boiler on the stove top. Colour the chocolate with food colouring and then dip the stawberries in with sticks as pictured in photo three and stick the stick in foam to harden. Once cool, decorative ridges can be painted on the carrot strawberries by dragging the stick across the chocolate strawberry.


S. said...

These look beyond delicious!

Bemused of Oman said...

Can I just ask why you felt the need to post this an Easter related recipe then say, "I totally love this idea. IF I celebrated Easter (which I don't, and no Muslim should). Who died and put you in charge of Muslims and what they should and should not do?!

My husband is Muslim and I am not. We both celebrate Islamic and Christian holidays. Does that make him less of a Muslim than you? I find it respectful from both of us that we do this and who said it needs to be taken as serious worship? I hope that my children will also be as open-minded as my husband and I and not as close-minded as you seem to be behaving.


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

S: Who could hate a chocolate covered strawberry?

Bemused in Oman: I'm not a Muslim and I write for the OPNO blog occasionally. I know the girl who wrote this post and she is the least close-minded person you could meet.

She participates in my holidays in things that she believes are okay for her to do, like eating Easter dinner, and buying gifts for people at Christmas ect.

The Easter bunny thing though, originates from the Pagan worship of the Goddess Eoster, so she's right to say any Muslim who knows about that can't participate in it, also Easter in the Christian sense is believing Jesus dies for peoples sins and rose from the dead and it is a sin for Muslims to believe in that. In fact, if they do, and participate in any such religious festival, it makes them not Muslims.

But Muslims can do all the non-making-them-associated-with-a-non-islamic-religion things, like buy gifts, take meals, ect.

Sorry if you misunderstand her relgion and what she was trying to communicate.