Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Back!

Safari Salaama all dear loyal OPNO readers,

I am the OPNO who rarely posts. In fact this will be a bogus post to inform all the OPNO girls that I am back in Muscat for a week. Most of you will not have even missed me I'm sure;p

I am back from the pic above, my home away from home in my home country.

So if you want to meet up with me, Princess has my new mobile number.

And P, I have a new camera so you and MOP owe me a trip into the Interior.

Since this post will be absolutely dull to anyone not a blog author, is it just me, or do Omani men tend to use their kumas as handbags, stuffing them with bank cards, reciepts, and mobiles? ;)

See, I cam up with ONE cute thought for the blog related to the blog.

Masalaama ladies, give me a ring!

1 comment:

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

I'll ask MOP. F can meet up with us. Say hi to Kh, but don't say it's from me ;p