Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I cut my own hair... and it really doesn't look bad at all

I did it. I cut my hair. I cut it on my own too. I've had enough of salons giving me crazy layers when I say I just want a trim. Of giving every single girl the "typical Arab girl" haircut, layered, long sliding bangs across the forehead. That's really not me.

I gave myself bangs. Late 1940s Pixie bangs. I have completely managed to tuck them into my headscarf without pins as they are short and don't need pinning back. My hair cut basically looks like the photo above. People have been coming up to me for years saying I look like Audrey Hepburn so I said, why fight it [even though I say I am more a Leslie Caron type]? My makeup regime has been reduced to simple liquid eyeliner and a neutral lipstick. Very Oman and abaya&shayla friendly.

It's a bit vintagey for Muscat but I am happy. It was a. free, b. easy to do, and c. looks totally like it suits me. I guess that makes it a success even though my friends have a saying that cutting one's own hair definately marks one out as a cheapskate. I don't care. C'est la vie.


Umm Aaminah said...

LOL @ cheapskate comment. :-) When my sister came to visit, I asked her to cut my hair. It's super long and reallllly needed a trim. Really. :-/

Wanna hear how high class WE are? I suggested she tape my hair to a piece of carboard (a discarded frozen pizza box none the less!) and then trim it that way.

Masha'Allah worked like a charm!!! No one in my famiy pays for haircuts; A and Yousef have crazy hair that gets buzz cut and the girls, I trim them too.

Oh sorry for long comment but I Loooove Audrey's dress with the little bow ties on the shoulder. So feminine.

C said...

I don't blame you for cutting your own hair! over here even if you show a clear picture of what you want, they still do whatever they think you want, then convince you that it looks unique and nice!!! i think i'm on the road to cut my own hair as well pretty soon.... love the Audry look tho!! whoever can pull it off is lucky!!!

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Umm Aaminah: I love everything she wears in "Sabrina". I have a replica of the Givenchy ballgown hanging in my closet, gift from a friend from London who swears I look like Audrey Hepburn. I cut my own hair in London once before when I was broke. I gave myself a bang-less Pixie cut like Nicole Kidman had in the film "Birth". I think, in London, I can pretty much get away with any style, lol, I don't know why. But if you can do it and you like it, why not?

I need a trim. LOL, I'll ask MOP to tape a Pizza box and give that a try. Only some idiot salon keeper layer my har so it may not be as simple as all that.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

C: I KNOW. I heard though, there is a male hairdresser at one of the hotel salons who can do just the cut you ask for, and won't go free on you unless you say, do what you think looks best to him. I forget his name. I can't go of course, cuz I cover my hair from unrelated males for religious reasons, and also there was one Philipino stylist in a salon just below the PDO housing in Qurum who my sister swore by, but that was 6 years ago now, and my sister kind of looks Arab so Arab hair cuts suit her.