Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Denim Abaya---Khaleeji Style, not ugly all-over denim jilbab romper I swear

The one fashion faux pas I can readily admit to on repeat from the Eighties till now is a love of a faded denim, and even of pairing denim with denim. Love it or hate it, but I can't stand stiff new denim, and like mine raw, beaten and faded. When it was in style a year and a half ago by Muscat standards, I bought wide leg faded denim trousers from Centerpoint. I recently saw the cutest pair of denim ballet flats with a matching quilted Chanel style denim purse. I am truly debating whether or not to get a cheapo ugly denim skirt from every weird hypermarket clothing section whose fabric I like and getting an abaya tailor to trim a shayla (headscarf) edge with it, and the abaya sleeve cuffs. Should I, or should I not???? Hmmm.

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Convert_chica said...

Asslaamu alaikum :)

Do it! I think it would be cute and different.