Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chef Ramsay has stopped swearing... and I'm in love with "Vampire Diaries"

My little sister and I were just talking about our favourite shows. She was totally surprised by mine, be it, my TV in Oman in English is limited since my remote has no audio option. "OMIGOD, you watch Hawaii Five-0? Like that show with the old guy with the mustache???!" Did I see the whole series of "KyleXY" yes, yes I did. I am a serial serial series watched. Bad habit. I do know, and due to my limited options, the series I watch would be things I would have picked on my little sis for watching before.

I know, I could totally accomplish so much more if I just stopped watching TV altogether, and alot of people who know my beliefs say you could be so much more religious ect, if you didn't watch TV at all. But I do watch the religious lecture channels too, and I don't take shows too seriously, and I actually lower my eyes off the TV when I see kissing or less than dressed guys like any Muslim girl should, so don't be judging.

Things that surprise my fam that I watch: "Vampire Diaries" and "Top Gear". Sis: "But you HATE 'Twilight'." And yes, yes I do. The girl from Twlight is a real loser and I cheer for her to get eaten every single time I watch a Twilight movie. I want her to die.

I tend to like the cast from Vampire Diaries. Bonnie the Witch reminds me of some of my friends from my non-muslim days, and yes, like the town of Mystic Falls, we had our share of witches and covens. Wallah, am serrious, though no Vampires that I ever knew of. Bonnie, the blonde though, looks like an exact replic of my BFF from before I was Muslim, and well, Elena is so much likeable than that twit twilight girl. Oh yeah, and the series was around BEFORE the horribly written books.

I have also recently discovered some cooking shows in English on Kuwait channel, like Chef Ramsay. Funny thing is, they edit out all the cuss words, so you'd think Ramsay was a regular gent. Except for one episode that obviously missed screening because the f-word came in loud and clear there to the shock of MOP. He apparently had no idea what the unedited Gordon was like.


Umm Aaminah said...

Hahahaha @ unedited Gordon. He's funny but F O U L mouthed. :-D

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Umm Aaminah: Really MOP had NO IDEA. Same thing happens {because of the editing] when we buy comedy movies. Alot of the sexual things and swearing is edited out so we find the movie hilarious then we buy it and it is NOOOOOOOOOOOT the tv version and we're like whoa!