Thursday, March 17, 2011

TO MOP, and 46 things I can say to myself when I get annoyed at my husband

  1. I love you because you asked to marry me & loved me even before you tried to hold my hand or asked what my haircolour is.
  2. I love you because you didn't give up on trying to marry me even when it was against the law of your country. If the God you believe in didn't make it a law, then you didn't believe it meant anything important.
  3. I love that you loved me because I loved my religion, because I had thoughts about it, not just because I wore an "abaya".
  4. I love that you learned English so that you could talk to me.
  5. I love that you could have married younger (even virginal) and more beautiful girls than me who loved you and that for some reason you chose me to change you life around for me.
  6. I love that you sold your land so that you could buy a car to drive half way across the country to see me just walk from my driver's car door to the door of my villa for a couple of minutes.
  7. I love that you fought your family and villages' prejudices over what a white Western woman might be and did not just follow your mother as most Omanis would, when she was wrong about me.
  8. I love that you love your traditions but do not look down on mine.
  9. I love that you get jealous of waiters in restaurants when they bring me my order, lol.
  10. I love that you offered me an Omani maher that of course I did not need and would not take, and tried to pay for everything when you could, but were not too arogant to refuse me when I wanted help when you had not.
  11. I love that you buy me candy or juice at every gas station we ever stop at if you can afford to.
  12. I love that you like mishakeek and walking in new places as much as me.
  13. I love that you prefer dishdasha over Western clothes and musayr over kuma, and at the same time, you let me choose to wear abaya as I like, and would support me if I chose to wear the face veil, or a bright pink headscarf, either way.
  14. I love that your village is still zanily colourful in an authentic way, like a real-life Ballykissangel, but Omani, not BBC Irish.
  15. I love that you don't care what car we drive so long as it is strong and not expensive on gas, though I know you still dream like all Omani guys.
  16. I love that you like to be healthy, which well, I don't, but I admire you for it, just the same.
  17. I love that you love running with me on the beach.
  18. I love that you like to go out with me anywhere and follow me even on the longest of dull window browsing shopping sprees in good humour, even if it just means that you are jealous.
  19. I love that you send me funny mispelled text messages all the time and the funny.
  20. I love you for being patient with my very fiery temper.
  21. I love you because you always want to watch tv with me and that means finding something we agree on or turning the set off.
  22. I love you because you wrote me a poem once in Arabic that I couldn't read and sounded very horribly written when translated to English but that all of my Arab friends said was good, and since one of them stole it off my mobile and sent it to his wife, I guess it must have been.
  23. I love that you sing traditional Omani songs whenever you are bored or happy.
  24. I love that you prefer to spend time with me more than with your shebab.
  25. I love that you try to sneak out of work early to see me or make me lunch.
  26. I love that while in your culture Omani men aren't supposed to be in the kitchen, that you can take care of yourself and me too, and don't mind helping out.
  27. I love that you take me on adventures and camping trips, and my friends, and my workmates, and translate for us, and get all the English expats we know well out of trouble.
  28. I love that you love to help tourists because you love Oman.
  29. I love that when I take the time to make a meal you always make time to sit down for it.
  30. I love that you like my cooking.
  31. I love that you rarely complain and don't seem bored by my ranting.
  32. I love that you try to bring me a flower everyday, even if you stop along the highway and steal it from the Balladiya;p
  33. I love that you want to live in the same house your family has for hundreds of years.
  34. I love you because you can be hard-working, and you don't like the government to take care of you, and you don't feel you deserve money for nothing.
  35. I love that when you have enough, you try to make sure everyone around you does too.
  36. I love that the family maid said you were a good man and that you make sure that she is cared for nicely when no one had ever prompted her to say this to me and she did not know who I was. That says something about your character.
  37. I loved that you lived with the beduoin for a short time in your life long enough to admire the simple things.
  38. I love that you lived in the city enough to know there are many people to learn from, and that change is not always bad, and that new is not always best.
  39. I love the fact that you have never ridden and camel and I have.
  40. I love that you shoot lizards in my bedroom and crazy stuff like that from time to time so I can write it on my blog.
  41. I love that you sit through boring lectures with me just cuz you want to spend time with me even if I am stuck working.
  42. I love that you secret hobby/passion is painting
  43. I love that you know how to fight with a sword, shoot an arrow, and fire an old musket. Cuz you never know when that might come in handy.
  44. I love it when you tell me stories, whether they really happened or not.
  45. I love that you rescue my cat when she climbs too high.
  46. I love that you suck at fishing, because I don't eat fish. But hanging out in the sun sipping Guava juice while you fish is fun.


Anonymous said...

This has been sooo sweet mashaa Allah! I enjoyed reading these emotional thoughts...very heart touching :-)

mu'mina bi-llah

Umm Aaminah said...

Masha'Allah sis, I hope you share this with MOP. So sweet and heartfelt.

One question: does 46 have some special meaning or just the number of things you came up with? ;-) Just curious.

Ma salaama...

Curious said...

Just a quick question - where are you all from?

hijabi said...

MashaAllah this is so sweet. May Allah blees you with a happy marriage in this life and Jannah

рεяfεcтℓγ▪ιмpзяfзcт said...

I loved reading this. I actually teared up a little. Mashallah this was beautiful. Thanks for making me feel lonely D:< (jking) I really REALLY hope he's read this. If not please make him. I'd fall in love with my husband all over again if he gave me such a list.... and hold it against him :P

sharon said...

I love it when the young foreign wives of today forget there have been foreign wives around for 35 years now. And that there are children of these marriages who are older than many of the young wives who are here thinking there's no one quite like them.

Ah well, maybe one day they'll remember they rode into town clutching our shirt-tails

American Muslima Writer said...

I Love your list!!!!!!!

Been off blogs for a while, glad to have found yours again :) Even though I often think of you just over the border :)

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

1st Anon: I think it is good to remember and have such a list because I am one woman with a temper I am trying to conquer.

Umm Aaminah: I did. lol, and I asked him for a list.

Curious: I am an expat and my country of origin is in the West. My husband is Omani and from the Interior.

Hijabi: Ameen to your dua.

Perfectly Imperfect: For my husband, people are always telling him he's lucky to have me because he's a more quiet type and they don't know him at all. Truth is I know I am lucky.

Sharon: Ummmm..... ooooooookay. lol :XD cuz this post doesn't have anything to do with your comment. Of COURSE expats have been marrying Omanis for 35 years or more but a. 35 years ago it was easily done under Omani law, b. no expat lady ever married where my husband is from I guarantee you lol. Maybe Arab or African expat... as a 2nd or 3rd wife a generation ago, but where my husband is from marrying away from the tribe is a 100% new thing. Weeeeeeeird comment but thank you for taking the time. LOL your shirt tales. Sorry. But, yeah, no. If you married 35 years ago you didn't fight the conditions on the marriage law as it exists now soooooo.

American Muslima Writer: Missed you too. Welcome back:)

♥ααℓiα♥ said...

This was so beautiful to read mashaaAllah....

To 2nd chances (or in some cases, 3rd hehe!!)