Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quote of the Day: "What I'm doing is saving you credit"

I often get mad. Some women eat too many cookies. Others shop too much. My guilty indulgence I suppose, is a very righteous temper. Thus that "46 Reasons I love my Husband" list for MOP. I am supposed to count down from those to resist flinging tissue boxes across the room at him when we have a misunderstanding or something about his culture or my own (not necessarily even him personally) brings he or I to a boil.

I have taken to throwing tissue boxes since I was a child because. a. tissue boxes never break bones, b. they only squish a little, don't break when they land, c. for the Omani edition, they are readily available in almost all circumstances, and d. no one thinks you are insanely violent when you wail one at them, unlike a good many other household or office items. Except maybe your boss. Sadly, I think one could get away with throwing kleenex at their more third world office counterparts in Oman, so long as they weren't your manager or director.

Alhamdulilah, my Omani boss was always one of the most gentle mannered persons ever. Though I did once have some insane Lebnani wannabe manager once. While there was no tissue around to wail at her, I managed to find a directive on printer parchment she had written to tear up and then throw in her general direction while she sipped a latte to announce to the cheers of the Indian and Omani staff that would resign shortly after me "I quit!".

If I restrict myself to tissue boxes, I will be labelled "a child" rather than "a psycho". When I am angry, I guess am okay with that.

This is not something I am proud of by the way, it is just matter of fact. It is something I acknowledge and warn future close friends of upfront. At first they are always like, "OPNO is so sweet and tiny and gentle."

Yeah huh, that's why I think it is fair to warn you before you decide to know me and like me anyways.

Those long time aquaintences who have survived, this they know.

MOP acknowledges my temper. He says it is one of my "charms". He, most of the time, thinks it is cute. He's overly patient and forgiving so I know I lucked out. He's the only one "charmed" I'm sure.

No, I'm not bragging. This post will have a point at some point.

So anyways, the other day I was fighting with someone over the phone about something that concerned us both no longer a matter of concern. I was righteously angry, because I was righteously "right" as per usual [so the other party will say], and to be honest, I was doing my best to control my anger. I didn't want to say anything I didn't mean as I am want to do in a rage, so I texted that I didn't want to talk. But they [the other party] annoyingly, kept ringing me up.

So I kept closing the phone. Which is rude, sure, but insulting them for no good reason and not in the context of our fight? Worse, right.

Mean nasty things said last longer than tissue boxes thrown I assure you. In the words of Thumper's mother [Disney Movie "Bambi"]: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all."

So I am improving.

To which my hang-ups aggravated the already aggravated party to accuse me of hanging up on them. Which I was not about to admit to. They were rudely phone stalking me afterall, about an issue that was their fault to start with nonetheless.

So I decided to play it all off, like I was concerned with the ammount they were giving it up to Omanmobile for and coyly texted them back:

"I'm not hanging up in your face. What I'm doing is saving you credit."

Uh huh. Cuz when I am angry, I am thaaaaaaaaaaat smooooth.

Like tissue;D

Yeah, I know, I need help.

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The Modesty Movement said...

My husband and I have culture clashes and communication probs due to language translations alot..we always laugh about it in the end.