Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Make-Up Tutorials for Arabic Make-Up: horizontal and vertical shapes

I have taken all these tutorials from an image-rich Emirati-culture blog
For a more natural look, choose three shades of brown, one warm, and two cooler shades. Step #1 is to highlight the brow bone with a snowy-white shade right under the brow.Step #2. Apply the warmer brown (or yellow or purple) on the entire eyelid and out to the inner corner.
Step #3: Apply the darker shadow out & above the base lid shadow and outer corner.
Step #4: Blend it outward towards the white of the brow bone, smoothing the edges.
Step #5: Add a bold line with the darkest shadow starting from the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the eyelid.
Step #6: Blend carefully with the shadow applied in step #3.
Step #7: Starting from the inner corner of the eye draw a line with a black shadow across the lid, making it thicker towards the outer corner of the eyelashbase.
Step #8: Draw a line under the eye with the same black shadow and fill in the rim with a black eye pencil.
Step #9: Draw a black angle with the black shadow.
Step #10: Blend the black shadow carefully spreading it towards the center of the eyelid.
Step #11: To soften the look apply the darker coloured shade over the black and blend in the same manner.
Step #12: Apply black shadow UNDER the outereye corner.
Step #13: Brush and colour your eyelashes with mascara, and pencil in the line of your eyebrow. Tip for Arabic-shaped eyeliner application: When making your line leave a 2mm distance at the inside corner of the eye on the bottom, and at the very corner of outer edge of the eye.
And here is what is roughly the same tutorial as the one with coloured shadow above [
horizontal], a tutorial for applying shadow vertically:
Step #1: apply powder or mouse concealer all over the eye area, and apply a light coloured shadow all around the eye.
Step #2: on the eyelid apply the middle tone shadow.
Step #3: Repeat one more time with the same shadow and apply it blending upwards.
Step #4: repeat again if it was not dark or colourful enough for your liking.
Step #5: Wet your brush a little if you have to and draw and line with black (or your darkest) shadow under the eye.
Step #6: apply black (or your darkest) shadow over the existing shadow shape in a thin line then blend with a brush in sweeping downwards movements.
Step #7: Do the same down and around the eye.
Step #8: repeat the contour by applying the middle-tone shadows to smoothe the edges.
Step #9: Apply black eyeliner on upper lid lashline and under. I prefer real kohl applied with a kohl stick, which you can buy from Guerlain or from Omani ladies who know how to make it, or liquid eyeliner for the lid lashine, and an eyepencil for under-eye.
Step #10: Brush your eyebrows and fill in with a pencil for the final look, and apply mascara to your lashes.


Muscat Mitchells said...

Wow, thank you!!!!
I'm going to wait until the house is empty and spend an hour having a go at this! It's all so perfect looking when applied correctly, it's an art almost! I always want perfect lashes, I have so many mascaras, trying to find 'the one'!

What does the vertical application do to the face/eyes/nose? To me it makes the eyes look smaller which I thought most women would want to avoid...I'd definitely try the horizontal.

And what is the difference between real kohl and eyeliner; any difference in application? I'd love to try the real stuff...any tips on that?!

PS Just reread your blog on Protests and many people are of yours and his (and mine as an expat) share this opinion - why are the protesters not hearing this???!!!!

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Muscat Mitchells: No problem. Thank Khaleejia (she's a Ukranian married to an Egyptian living in UAE I think) for making them.

I like the vertical application because I kind of have a 1920s-1930s kind of face. It makes the eyes very doe-like, while the horizontal makes them look more sexy. It depends, not all face suit all shapes. My sister looks tragic in horizontal cuz of her lids but cute in vertical.

For Oman the perfect mascara (cuz it doesn't melt) is Kanebo 38degrees celsius because of a. its awesome applicator brush and no clump mixture, and b. only very warm water or makeup remover can get it off.

For eyeliners, there is liquid eyeliner whose application is like painting, and the pencil, which is like drawing by applying pressure snd dragging. Real kohl is applied is in the eye rims using a stick object. You dip it into the kohl and then run it along the inner rim of the eye. I get it from Omani women in thge mountains, or from Beduoin, or from Saudia Arabia. It isn't terribly common and is pricey unless someone in your family makes it. Alot of stuff marketed as real kohl isn't. Like Indian Kohl, that has lead in it. So NOT good for your eyes.

About the protesters, well most of them don't read English, or even Arabic THAT well, and MOP has spoken to them and they tell him he's a UAE traitor LOL. MOP HATES almost everything about UAE but the zoo in Al Ain, lol, so that IS funny.