Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dear Omani Women: Female Circumcision is Not a Sunnah, and a weekend in Nakhl

Sooooooooooo, everyone seems to be on vacation. Except for this OPNO. Who has no computer to call her own.

I just read a post on Shy Rebellious Arab Girl [the blog, book coming soon], that struck a chord with me.

I posted before on female circumcision in Oman. I wanted people to know through that post, that Islam forbids FGM, which is, removing the entire female clitoris from the vagina. So people tend to call the practice of pricking or cutting a very little of the tip of this part of a girl's body, "ISLAMIC FEMALE CIRCUMCISION".

Fact is though, and PLEASE READ THIS MISINFORMED WOMEN OF OMAN (and elsewhere), that there is no such thing as "Islamic female circumcision."

My proof for that statement that contradicts whatever the women of your village or tribe believe ignorantly:

1.) The Qu'ran does not require women to be circumcised.

2.) The Prophet Mohamed never told anyone to circumcise their daughters.

3.) The Prophet Mohamed never had his own daughters circumcised.

4.) The Prophet Mohamed never PRAISED anyone for having their daughter circumcised.

5.) The Prophet Mohamed never praised or required his wives to be circumcised.

Hmmmm, well, if the act of doing do so, were a good thing, wouldn't the Prophet Mohamed have told us to do it, or, well, God/Allah in the Qu'ran??????????????????????

He didn't, so it isn't a "sunnah".

Non-muslim readers and Islamically ignorant Omanis: the definitions of what a sunnah is as follows.

A sunnah is something the Prophet Mohamed told us to do, or something he did, or some action he praised.

Female circumcision is NONE OF THESE THINGS!!!!!!!! Islam mentions no benefits of the act at ALL.

But it does say that FGM, the act of cutting the whole clitoris up and out, and stitching the vagina back up, is haraam, i.e forbidden and sinful.

While the Prophet Mohamed never accursed female circumcision, just FGM, he never praised or encouraged it.

That means that Islamically FGM is haraam.
Female circumcision is merely a halal cultural practice, but certainly not a sunnah.

Any one who calls something a Sunnah does an act of shirk, claiming something that God did not, so be careful when you excuse your cultural behaviours and sully the clear commands of God with your own whims and traditions.

Why does this strike a chord with me?

Because my 3 year old step-daughter had this done to her, because someone told my husband and his family it was a sunnah in Islam, when it is not. They had no other justification to take away her future sexual pleasure, and my in-laws aren't educated enough to know the difference between culture and religion. Nor my husband in women's issues. Ask him about prayer and fasting and zakat charity and he has you covered, but in women's issues he's clueless, as are most men in Oman.

It breaks me heart. And it will never be done to another child in the family even if I have to make war with the whole tribe and the mothers of these girls. Honestly, I don't care.

I am not the most liked person in the world anyways so I don't really care.

To me it is a shirk to call something a sunnah that is not.

That's why ya'll Ibadhi from our village bad mouth the Shia you barely know anyways right? I am sunni, and Sunni Dhofari girls are told FGM is a sunnah too. Educate yourselves and stop being hypocrites, O my Muslim Ummah!


On to happier rantings,

I went to Nakhl on the weekend and climbed a mountain over the village that had a crumbled watchtower on it. Great veiw of the hot spring, the village, and the Fort.

Lots of goat poop though, and not an easy trek. Especially not when you are wearing an Omani "lael".

And then I hiked up the wadi of Ain Al Thawarah hot spring, and found a pool with those fish they have at the Dr. Fish spa at the Bareeq al Shatti mall complex. The ones that nibble the dead skin cells off your feet?
So I had an awesome pedicure for free, as they tickled my toes gently.
The mountains were a pretty purple shade by the time I made it back to the car park. Then I went and had mandhi (Yemeni yummy rice with meat on top and delish sauce) in Barka before heading home.
Yes, goat poop, skin eating fishes, and female genital circumcision, all topics bright and sunny for this OPNO.


♥ααℓiα♥ said...

Ya Allah, that poor little girl :-( I read about FGM in a womens' magazine and the author of the article was from ummmm I can't remember but it was in Africa and she says the pain (and infection she got afterwards from the "doctor" using dirty tools) was unbearable. She basically had to bleed into a hole in the sand and "heal".

I'll never have any of my daughters (if I have any inshaaAllah) be circumcised and I tell anyone who listens or asks if it's encouraged in Islam a HUGE NO and go into WHY it's not only harmful (duh) but also contrary to what our religion teaches.

Some Muslims justify it saying it "tames" a female's sexuality which is "shameful" and in many ignorant places, if a girl doesn't have her clitoris removed, she is considered "impure" and dirty. Subhan Allah, what ignorance!!

Anyways I am upset now because I can't believe people are willing to put a little 3-year old child through all of that and rob her of any pleasure she is entitled to enjoy in a future marriage.

Maghraib is here so inshaaAllah some prayer will calm me down :-/

Thnx for this Post!!

♥Amal said...

Salaam alaikum..
I'm glad you posted this, because someone recently told me it was Sunnah and I was shocked..

Alhamdulillah it's not.

The Modesty Movement said...

Thank You for this, people mix culture with Islam tooooo much.

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. They took away her right in her future marriage. I wonder how these women become psychologically, what their views on marriage are, etc. Sad, sad, sad...

Ignorance is no excuse, by the way. How does one do this to their own daughter? Tattoos are haraam but hacking off a girl's clitoris is not? Ha, give me a break. You live in the most unIslamic backwaters in the world. Shame on your husband.

Anonymous said...

i have a question for you: what is the exact purpose of female circumcision? surely they realize the removal of a portion of a girls clitoris is also tied to the removal of her future sexual pleasure, so why do they do it? is it a way of controlling women, ie she can't enjoy sex, so she won't look for sex outside of her marriage?
any answer/ thoughts? i am curious.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Dear Anon 10:37: Actually, in Islam, you can't actually be punished for something you didn't know;) alhamdulilah, so the fact that alot of women in Oman are uneducated on women's issues is not something they'll get punished for in hell. I do blame the fact that they left the Mosques, and many don't read Islamic books, they just rely on family and Shiekhs though. Rasoolulah told us to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. That means knowing WHY we do the things we do for our religion.

And actually, in Omani circumcisions, they don't hack off or cut off the clit, they poke it with a needle, in a very hygenic manner, but that still doesn't lessen the fact that women do experience less INITIAL stimulation.

They can still orgasm as the female vagina has spots inside the walls and in the back, but the clit is important to get things going (faster climaxes) and for multiple orgasms. THIS is what is taken away, not all sexual pleasure. It isn't the same at all as FGM which is haraam in Islam.

And I don't live in the most unislamic backwaters in the world. Hardly.

This is practiced all over the Muslim world, excluding the West. but Muslims have to be told it isn't a sunnah. My husband had NOTHING to do with what was done to our step-daughter. Omani women are in charge of the circumcising thing so there is no shame on him, and since he knows it isn't sunnah now, he no longer supports any such thing.

Thank you for your comment though. I understand your anger. Just make sure you understand how to rightly place it.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

ANON #2: Well, as far as I know, it is women doing it to their own daughters of granddaughters. They do it a. for tradition because they had it done. b. They think it will make a young girl more comfortable since it lessens (but does not take away all) initial sexual stimulation making waiting for marriage easier, c. people think it is part of the religion.

The main reason people do it is C. but the true reason is for reason a.

It has nothing to do with men controlling women. Most men don't care whether or not a woman has had the procedure done in marriage negotiations in Oman. UNless they want to be sure it WASN'T done. At least from everyone I know who it is common for in their families.

Blame the women for this one.

Salleh Lim said...

OMG!!!!!! Wow!!! I'm so happy to read that you're a Sunni considering that Oman is abt 70% Ibadhi?

So can u tell me how come u were not converted to an Ibadhi? I mean i am curious =D And please can u tell me the difference in practises between Ibadhis w Sunnis?

I'm a Sunni residing in Singapore btw =D

Anonymous said...

Can you source me to the evidences that it takes away the initial pleasure?

Thank You

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Anon: Well, I can speak for the cases of three Omani men, who are married to more than one wife, in these cases, one wife being "circumcised" and the other not.

They all agree, it takes the one who has been circumcised longer to orgasm than the ones who haven't had the procedure, and multiple orgasms are almost non-existant in the ones who have been circumcised.

My evidence would be the point of the procedure---which is to take off a tiny piece of the part of the vagina that provides initial stimulation. Oman women say: to feel more comfortable since it is hot and heat alone can be a sexual stimulant.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Salleh Lim: Well, for one thing, the Ibadhi have not translated any of their hadith sources (or hadiths) so it is very difficult for me to research the differences other than ideological and historical means. In rleigious ones, they don't have the means yet.

We have Sahih al Bukhari. It is available in english. Their book is due to be translated in a few years.

Differences, there are alot Too many to detail here, but major ones in salat, and on the subject of judgement day and sin.

Salleh Lim said...

Oh yes, if it's not a hassle, can u explain to me abt the prayer part pretty please? =D

Yes, i read that they say the sinners will stay in hell for eternity.

WOW!!! I met an Omani couple (couple) in Universal Studios Singapore today and i was tempted to ask them if they were Ibadhi but there wasn't time to do so =(

qglenda said...

Wow, your writing style is so refreshing and your candor is enlightening. I'm so glad I found your voice out here in the blogosphere!

I must say, my heart is heavy for your step-daughter. I can't imagine the pain. I pray that many others read your posting and are enlightened.

You make so many relevant points that I want to share with fellow American friends who are so ignorant about Islam and Muslims. I wish people of all races, religions, and nations would think twice about judging others - especially those that we do not know personally. It is unfair. More often than not, we are far more alike than we are different. As I read your posting, I found many common threads. If we lived in the same area, I'm sure we'd be friends.

Keep up the good work ...

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

qglenda: thank you for liking my blog:)

dr fsisal said...

Great blog,
I have been reading your blogs and there hasn't been one i haven't admired,and this one is no exception.
I am practicing medicine in oman for last five years and i know how common this practice is. But i swear , most men don't even know what difference does it make to the ultimate sexual gratification, as a couple,and on top of that, it is not even sunnah.
I'm glad you took the initiative to write about it..WELL DONE!