Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Diary: Events for Muscat Festival 2011

Omani Heritage Village and Cultural Festival
Dates:- 27 January – 24 February
What is it: A live and active village, the Festival will enable visitors to learn some of the key techniques used in some traditional crafts including how to weave baskets of date palm leaves, used in most Omani villages both to store and collect dates. There will also be displays of traditional Omani dresses, a souq, silversmiths working on the creation of traditional coffeepots, weavers assembling goat hair cloaks and experts in Bahla pottery. The village will be open for the entire length of the Festival and for those interested in Omani history and heritage, this will one aspect not to be missed. It also featured live preformances of Omani music and dance, and with laser shows starting at 8:30 pm from the start of the festival until I believe its end. I could not find out how they are doing their firworks in the schedule. They have fireworks. When, remains unconfirmed but when I went, they had some.
ENTRANCE COST Adults: 200 Bzs/Children: 100 Bzs
Location: Qurum Park
Audience: Family
Nassem Park Fair & International Market
27 January – 24 February

what is it: rides, displays, food (your usual amusement park with 500 vendors from different countries selling their wares, and performances)

ENTRANCE COST Adults: 200 Bzs/Children: 100 Bzs

Location: Naseem Park on the way to Barka after Seeb. Big blue and yellow wall and gates, you can't miss it if you keep driving straight from Seeb.

Opening: 16:00-23:00 hr daily throughout the festival

Audience: Family

Omani Food Festival
Dates: 3 February – 24 February

What is it: The Omani Cooking Festival will feature the fabulous smells of Omani food as part of a live cooking show. Taking place between 3rd- 24th February, there will also be an opportunity to buy tickets to a sit down gourmet meal on the 10-02-2011 ( 06:50 pm ) . I am assuming, in Qurum park.

Location: Qurum Park??? I will confirm.

Audience: Ticket only

03-02-2011 ( 04:15 pm )
04-02-2011 ( 04:15 pm )
05-02-2011 ( 04:15 pm )
06-02-2011 ( 04:15 pm )
07-02-2011 ( 04:15 pm )
08-02-2011 ( 04:15 pm )
09-02-2011 ( 04:15 pm )
10-02-2011 ( 08:50 pm )
11-02-2011 ( 08:50 pm )
12-02-2011 ( 08:50 pm )
13-02-2011 ( 08:50 pm )
14-02-2011 ( 05:30 pm )
15-02-2011 ( 05:30 pm )
16-02-2011 ( 05:30 pm )
17-02-2011 ( 05:30 pm )
18-02-2011 ( 05:30 pm )
19-02-2011 ( 05:30 pm )
20-02-2011 ( 05:30 pm )
21-02-2011 ( 05:30 pm )
22-02-2011 ( 05:30 pm )
23-02-2011 ( 05:30 pm )

Muscat Fashion Week
Date & Time: 22-24 February

22-02-2011 ( 07:00 pm )
23-02-2011 ( 07:00 pm )
24-02-2011 ( 07:00 pm )

What is it?: The inaugural Muscat Fashion Week will present high-end contemporary Arabic styled designs, creating the leading showcase of this genre in the World.

Location: Riham Park is what is advertised. I will confirm.

Audience: Ticket only

Tour of Oman
Date & Time: Dates: 15 -20 February
15-02-2011 ( 12:30 pm )
16-02-2011 ( 12:30 pm )
17-02-2011 ( 12:00 pm )
18-02-2011 ( 12:00 pm )
19-02-2011 ( 02:00 pm )
20-02-2011 ( 12:30 pm )

What is it?: 6 Stages 848 km 16 professional teams 128 of the World's best cyclists.

Stage One -15 February:-al Sawadi to al Seeb.Distance 158 km12:30hrs Start - Finish at approximately 16:05hrs
Stage Two - 16 February:-The Wave, Muscat to Al WutayyaDistance 150 km12:30 hrs Start - Finish at approximately 15:50hrs
Stage Three - 17 February:Sur – Sur Distance 208 km12:00hrs Start - Finish at approximately 16:45 hrs
Stage Four - 18 February:- Sultan Qaboos University to Jabal Al AkhdharDistance 157 km12:00hrs Start - Finish at approximately 15:55hrs
Stage Five – Time Trial – 19 February:-al Jissah – al JissahDistance 18 km14:00hrs Start - Finish at approximately 16:44hrs
Stage Six – 20 February:-Qurayat – Matrah CornicheDistance 157 Km12:30hrs Start - Finish at approximately 16:15hrs

Audience: Family

Free Concerts
Dates: 3, 10, 17, 23, 24 February
03-02-2011 ( 09:00 pm )
10-02-2011 ( 09:00 pm )
17-02-2011 ( 09:00 pm )
23-02-2011 ( 09:00 pm )
24-02-2011 ( 09:00 pm )

What is it?: There are three concerts and two theatre shows confirmed in the Qurum Ampitheatre starting at 2100 hrs
3 February – Arabic Concert
10 February – Indian Concert
17 February – Shah Rukh Khan ie Indian Concert apparently though the website says Arabic???
23 & 24 – February – Theatre Shows

When I get more details I will post them.

Location: Qurum Park Amphitheatre

Audience: adult

Extreme Sailing Series
Dates: Public Viewing 22 -24
22-02-2011 ( 02:00 pm )
23-02-2011 ( 02:00 pm )
24-02-2011 ( 02:00 pm )

What is it?:The Sultanate of Oman will play host to one of the world’s most exciting sailing events as part of this year’s Muscat Festival. Ten top professional teams will compete in Muscat as part of the first leg of an 11-month, 9 event global circuit that continues to change the way sailing is seen. Over 10 teams representing eight nations [including gold medalist atheletes] will tackle a unique mix of open water races and high-octane ‘stadium’ showdowns. After leaving Oman the 2011 Extreme Sailing Series will head off to China. The Series consists of nine events on four continents over 11 months, ending in Singapore in December

February Location: The Wave, Muscat Audience: Family Public Village open from 1000 hrsRacing starting at 1400hrs with activities being:

1.) Racing, which will start at 2 pm every afternoon
2.) Learn sailing. The registration desk will be in the public race village and open to all children (over 8 years+) on a first come first serve basis.
3.) Shopping. A number of retailers and exhibitors will showcase their products as well as Omani heritage and culture stands and food outlets.

General Activities: Bouncy Castles, Red Bull, 5-a-side football, volleyball and kite surfing competition and stunts and lots more!

No experience of sailing is necessary, so bring the family down to watch, take part in the fun and support the two Oman teams! More details can be found at
www.extremesailingseries.com and on www.omansail.com

& if you want to know why sailing is important to Oman....

National Geographic Exhibition
Dates:- 14 December – 18 February
14-02-2011 ( 08:30 pm )
15-02-2011 ( 08:30 pm )
16-02-2011 ( 08:30 pm )
17-02-2011 ( 08:30 pm )
18-02-2011 ( 08:30 pm )

What is it?: Over a thousand years ago, Arab and Chinese Merchant Ships began to brave the vast, unknown waters of the Indian Ocean. These voyages sparked myths of deadly monsoons, fierce pirates and untold riches from foreign lands.

And now these myths have come alive in Muscat for the first time, as part of a unique exhibition: National Geographic's “From China To Arabia: Ancient Treasure Ships and the Great Oman Voyage." Located at Qurum City Centre, entry is free.

More details can be found at www.ancienttreasureships.com

Location: Qurum City Centre

Audience: Family

Series of Lectures
Dates: 31 January – 22 February
07-02-2011 ( 07:30 pm )
08-02-2011 ( 07:30 pm )
09-02-2011 ( 07:30 pm )

What is it?: A series of lectures, poetry reading, classic cinema and Arabic novels will also be hosted throughout Muscat during the Festival. Timings and dates are subject to change, so please check the website http://www.muscat-festival.com/en_All%20Events_18_3.php for the latest information.

31 January: Lecture by Wole Soyinka @ SQU University

2 February: Classical Arabic Poetry (in Arabic) by Nabila Al Zubair and Ghassan Zaqtan
@ Grand Hyatt Ballroom

3 February: Cinema by Mohammed Hassan @ Shatti Cinema

4 February: Lecture by Dr Ali Al Kithery, Mr Ishaq Al Khanjari and Mr Shawkat Al Rubaie @
Grand Hyatt Ballroom

7 February: Lecture by Prof Ali Mazrui @ Sultan Qaboos University

9 February: Classical Arabic Poetry (in Arabic) by Abdullah Al Balushi, Ibrahim Said, Zahran Al Qasmi and Reem Al Lawati@ Grand Hyatt Ballroom

10 February: Movie by Andree Tharkomansky and a lecture by Mr. Abdullah Habib @ Shatti Cinema

12 February: Story telling by Arundhati Roi and Ibrahim AL Kooni @Grand Hyatt Ballroom

14 February: Lecture by Fatima Al Marnisi, Isabel Allande and Joseph Musaad @ Grand Hyatt Ballroom

15 February: Silent Theatre by Abdullah Al Saadawi@ Oman Society for Fine Arts

17 February: Local Poetry by Humaid Al Balushi, Mahfodh Al Farsi and Ahmed Al Saadi@ Grand Hyatt Ballroom

19 February: Lecture by Nasser Al Rebat @ Grand Hyatt Ballroom

20 February: Story Telling by Yahya Al Mandhari, Adel Al Kalbani, Amal Al Mughazwi and Mohammed Al Shahri @ Grand Hyatt Ballroom

21-23 February: Workshop for Children suffering from Cancer with Artists Anwar Sonya and Samira Al Yaaqobi @ Royal Hospital Gardens


Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam OPNO. I just wanted to make comments: one, insha'Allah people in Oman really appreciate all the time it must take you to compile these lists of events. I can imagine it would take alot of your time and effort; jazakum Allahu khair on behalf of those living in Oman who can benefit from your labor.

Two, I soooo wish I could attend some of these! I would love to experience traditional Omani village life (I have a basket-weaving fetish lol) and the National Geographic exhibition as well.

Insha'Allah you get to enjoy it. :-) Ma salaama...

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Umm Aaminah: Wa alaykom e salaam, lol, no trouble at all. Wanted to make a printable schedule for myself;D
InshaAllah when you finish school you can come. And Muscat festival tends to happen every year ;D

And even if you couldn't see Muscat festival, I could make sure you could see every cultural thing except for maybe the National Geographic exhibit.

sonali said...

This is great that muscat festival is back again.
but why it is not open for whole day on friday? It is convinient for the people who are leaving far.

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