Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Watching Movies in Oman

Going to the cinema in Oman can be an interesting experience. As a single Muslim gal, I never went by myself without one of my shebab (the guys) for keeping things kosher, or a rather large-ish group of banaat (girls). Because, well, go by yourself and you get one thinks-he's-sauve-and-brave Omani fella trying to chat you up or buy you popcorn ect, and it ruins the experience. As a non-muslim expat, I admit I never had this experience, but seems if you wear an abaya and a headscarf you instantly turn into dating material, go figure.

So, then my other option was renting movies.

I would have rented more but most places demand that you buy a membership. Which I did once, but since I always forget to carry my member card, and change my GSM # too often to remember it, I get stuck with puting 20-10 rials deposit down for a single rental. Which, I don't always have the fuloos (money) to do.

Watching movies off the net.

Anyone whose been in Oman for a week knows that the average internet connection suckssssssss, and is painstakingly slow. So downloading movies takes time, and for me, honestly, as a Muslim, I can't do it, cuz in most cases (not all) it is stealing.

And I love the part where I can't hear the film because te bad pirated copy has people in the theatre laughing and I see some asian guy get up and walk across the screen to get more popcorn. Awesome!

So then. I turn to buying movies when I have the cash. I spend a little extra at a store for what I am guaranteed is NOT a pirated copy.

I get home and find that the not-a-fake is a fake and feel kinda bad. And wish a little I HAD bought the cheaper OBVIOUSLY fake one.

But, you know what, there is always one part of watching a pirated film that makes me so giddily happy.

There is that add at the beginning that thanks you for buying the original and not a pirated copy. It says, thank you for not stealing. THAT PART, dear readers, I find absolutely hilarious and timelessly funny to see, on any DVD. That they pirated the "thank you for not pirating" part.

BEST part of the movie!


Lamya said...

To funny i was going to do a post on going to movies in Oman and cell phone use in the movies, even had a video advertisement picked out but did the panda one instead. lol

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Lamya: DO a post on ur experiences watching cinema here in Muscat lol. You went to the movies way more often then any of the OPNO girls.

Anonymous said...

When you steal something, you deprive that person of it. When you watch movies online, it is not stealing, it is *copying*, or sharing.

If anything, it's the movie industry doing the stealing. They are telling you that that money that is in your wallet is theirs, and that if you don't give it to them you are stealing it from them. LOL

Personally, I download, then if I like the movie I go see it in theatre to reward the artist. There's really only 1 or 2 movies a year worth paying for.

Try getting a fiber optic connection... then enjoy ;)

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Anon: If you walked into a grocery store and took a chocolate bar without paying for it, you stole it. If you don't buy/rent the genuine movie or go see it in the theatre, you are in fact taking some of gross proceeds that goes to the people who made and marketed the movie. But do as you like;)

I alas, am a very opinionated person so forgive me lol;D