Sunday, December 5, 2010

On the weekend I went to Muwalla's vegetable/fruit souq

MOP seems to know every souq in Oman. Probably because he used to sell dates from his farm at Bahla and Nizwa souq as a child. Apparently, Sinaw is good for camels, Nizwa is good for goats, Mutrah is good for fabric, Seeb is good for kumas, Al Khodh is good for dishdshas, ect, ect... And apparently, Muwalla is THE BEST FOR VEGEATABLES AND FRESH FRUITS.

So on the weekend we headed out to Al Muwalla fruit and veggies souq to get some bargains. I wanted to go to Barka castle but I spent too much money on stuff for my new house this month so next month's grcoery budget suffered. So, buying fresh from the farms was the solution so we wouldn't have to live on potatoes, hot dogs and Raman noodles.
Hey, if you are an expat and are TIRED of spending WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much money for fresh herbs like mint and basil, or tomatoes, and strawberries, at Al Fair and Sultan Center, Muwalla vegetable souq is the way to go. It is, a. less crowded than Lulus, b. no check out counter line ups or weighing staions to cue at. My kind of vegatable/fruit buying heaven.You have to use cash and know Omani money, like rial nas is one rial 500 baisa, and there are no Westerners there to speak of that I saw except maybe chefs from Omani restaurants, [and me] but this place is well worth the effort for the prices on the strawberries and tomatoes.

I bought bushells of spinach (yummy with feta cheese on pita bread), boxes of tomatoes and strawberries, fresh mint for chai maghraibi (Morrocan tea), and corn. The corn was a rip off because I only bought one husk. This tend to be sold by the bushel or box. Other than that, good shopping. And close enough for a twice a month jaunt from Muscat.


Umm Aaminah said...

Masha'Allah what a domestic diva you have become. :-) Enjoy making all kinds of yummy things for yourself and MOP.

Muscat Mitchells said...

I love it at the market...although I tend not to go so much as I'd like...a small group of British female expats (no matter how modestly dressed) becomes a little bit of a bit of a novelty for the traders! I need to be really brave to go!

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Umm Aaminah: Lol, I WISH. LOL, that would beyou and your blog.

I AM good at decorating and sewing things, and setting a table. But not really a chef or good with children:D

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Muscat Mitchells: LOL, I remember being a non-muslim expat:D I got FREE things from Nizwa souq lol. Not the kind of attention anyone wants though. But I wouldn't think it;d be too terrible at the Muwalla veggie souq.

Have you been?

Boxie said...

yum, thinking of the food in Oman is making me hungry! Even though I have killer garlic breath right now... and have not even had any garlic sos. I tried making some and failed so so bad. lol. Do they have mangoes there?

Muscat Mitchells said...

I have been but it was not long after I arrived in Oman so I was still trying to find my confidence in being a westerner in the Middle East...I was so worried about being taken away for showing too much ankle or arm!!! So I couldn't relax and enjoy have made me think I should get back there soon!
One of the stall owners actually asked us (nicely) why we were there, that we shouldn't be there...I think it was more that he was there to sell bulk to the restaurant owners etc. not just selling three mangoes to an expat wife! ;-)
Any tips on dealing and haggling with the traders? Might make me feel a bit braver!

How's the lemon tree going? We have caterpillars on ours now :-/

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Boxie: more mangoes than you need.

Muscat Mitchells: Exactly, they want big purchases. I love to annoy them with "two boxes of strawberries"

You should try again.