Sunday, December 5, 2010

APPARENTLY, I am not the ONLY ONE who has to screen creepy come-on text messages from guys in Oman.


Poor MOP [MOP is my husband in case you just started reading this blog] recently got the following text message from a tourist to Oman:

Handsome [insert name of MOP], thank you for your hospitality today. Your wife was with you.I wondered if I could have a moment to say goodbye in private? Kisses Habibi [-I, OPNO, am not going to write the poor fool's name]

So it was confirmed. Our tourist, was, most likely, gay. He had already asked if my husband would camp with him on his tent rather than in my tent with me.

LOL. Okay, I have been teasing my "handome ____-" about this incessantly ever since. And now I am puting it on the net, poor habibi!

Where I am from this is not really a big deal, but it is an embarrassing topic for most Omanis.

Poor MOP, when he got the message he turned bright red and held the phone out to me. I had already been asked to come along for the two men's excursion [which is a rare thing since my husband is a very jealous Oman man, lol, but he thought something was off with his tourist, and asked me to come along for protection.] Hehe he, apparently that was "needed". MOP made me promise never to leave them alone when usually, with Omani men, you don't introduce your wife to men.

My man, while he likes very much to be exceedingly polite and very helpful to every Westerner and/or traveller, he did not know how to reply the message, and has turned his phone off.


♥Amal said...

LOOOL I can't believe that guy had it in him to actually text your husband something like that! Hilarious...

ynotoman said...

if he is a Tour Guide he will need to learn a polite brush off

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Amal: I find it very funny. MOP does not though and will probably kill me if he finds out I told the story to the girls of OPNO.

ynotoman: He is not a real tour guide, he just likes to help people, but it is someting he should learn anyway. Just like, I am not really emotionally or physically involved with anybody but my wife that way should work;) lol. But you probably know Omani guys lol.