Sunday, November 7, 2010

A thing for hats... & about the Shebab ; ;, nudge, nudge

My Omani husband (aka MOP) has a thing for hats (and obviously white English-speaking women right?). I think it stems from his crush on Kate Winslet's character "Rose" from the Titanic movie. BTW, he had no idea there was a nude scene in that movie, or a sex scene, because it was of course cut out in Oman. This the closest to nude that she got: in the Oman friendly edition. Scandalous, I KNOW. LOL, believe me, the site of a wellformed ankle can hit an Omani guy off, so don't laugh about it, it is true. It is almost like wearing your underwear to the 7/11 in the USA, lol, I am serrious, a nice ankle.So Winslet's character was very idealized to MOP. He also has NO idea that I am writing about him or things he has confided to me, so if you know both of us, um, yeah, please be kind, and rewind, and forget I ever brought up the Kate Winslet thing. Anyways, I am writing this post because yesturday I saw two beautiful young expat ladies (like myself---only I was fully veiled, including my face) differentiated only in how they were dressed. One was in a skirt exposing her upper thighs but long in the back, and her midriff, and the other was wearing loose fitting linen trousers and a long T. They were both lovely, but one was dressed too sexual for an Omani grocery store. I was actually offended but the midriff exposed one, but hey, I was in a face veil, and didn't want her to think women who wear face veils are intolerant so I didn't say anything, but to be honest, there was only one man and one woman who wasn't bothered by her dressed like that. Everyone else, even the expats were going like, WTH? Al Fair isn't Rockbottom or the poolside at the Intercon. I don't creep people out in my face veil in NA, I pin pretty pins to it and flowers and wear colours to be less offensive to North Americans in my Muslim garb. And as a non Muslim expat I never showed my midrif AND inner upper thighs at the same time. It is just kind of rude. It isn't bad, but it is inconsiderate. What is pipctured below is NOT appropriate for GROCERY SHOPPING in Muscat!!!! Ahhhh, please don't give expats like me a bad rep okay? And you will, I know Omanis. And in case you don't believe good 'ole extremist me, from my very arab husband the following:
"Most Omani guys who don't understand your culture will veiw you as a peice of meat."

On from that rant a friend of mine were discussing the Shebab (Muslim Arab guys) and how sometimes the players are better than the seemingly innocent ones, because at least the players had enough game to have neverslept with a prositute. I am serrious. Guys, if this is not you, please don't be offended, but, it is the majority of guys that were my friends. They either were cool enough to have dated, or they, ugh, well, let's not go there but they er, went to Dubai & Thailand. Anyways, we came to the conclusion that all the truly innocent ones marry very young IN ORDER to avoid being in the two above categories. Which isn't the real reason a woman wants to be married to a guy but...

This post is depressing.

I love my husband, whatever category he fell into before, alhamdulilah, he is my man now;)


Miss said...

This really gets me angry as well, especially on public beaches where a woman is walking around in a skimpy bikini or a man in tight speedos, in the midst of omani families. What I find really confusing is that i don't ever see the locals say anything when someone is dressed inappropriately. Like you, i always want to say something, but being an expat muslim i feel they would think 'well hey, the locals don't say anything so why should you'

Being amongst the locals, i wonder if you could enlighten me as to why locals don't speak up?

(sorry for the long comment)

Zahra said...

Not to upset anyone, and pls don't take this the wrong way, but did you guys really have to use a half naked black girl in your post?? As a fellow black British expat, I'm tired of explaining that not all black people or white expats for that matter are for sale. I was a little upset by the choice of pic,as it's really just adding fuel to the fire and isn't really proving anything.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Miss: I am glad I am not alone.

Zahra: The girl in the line up at the mall was white not black but this was the only picture I found when I googled an outfit similiar. Her outfit, not her colouring, was the reason for the choice. People post pictures of white girls in bikinis all the time as examples of bad expat ettiquette in the middle east. I swear the outfit is our example and isn't to fuel anything but an example HOW NOT TO DRESS for expats going to the grocery stores in Muscat.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Miss: the locals say they try to respect our culture.

LOL, the thing is, annoying for us expats, is the locals take this to BE a part of our culture.

Arvy said...

This is the kind of blog that I have always thought an Arab Muslim woman will write. Their femininity is severely repressed though I understand that it is not to let passion overtake values. It just goes to show that women everywhere,like men, have the same urges.

There is a thrill in unraveling the sexual mystery just as there is in romance. Half the fun in romance comes from wooing the other person and the rest in the relationship after that.

Interesting blog...but take care madam lest you cross the line and get a visit from an instructor on morals.

Andrew Brown said...

I love your last line and attitude in this post. "He is my man now!" So true. The past is past! God bless you and your hubbie!

Anonymous said...

Dear Arvy,

The thing is the blog writer is not an Arab.

Femininity severely repressed? You, coming from India, dare say that about Arab Muslims?

You are not an Arab women so how do you know how it feels like? By baseless assumptions?

Visit an instructor on morals?

Look at your own backyard, before you look at what is wrong with the neighbor's.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Andrew: Thank you, and you and your cute wife too;)

Arvy: LOL, we are not repressed sexually at all, it is just that sex is for certain places and people not everyone. And moral instructors are welcome. I like to learn things;)

Anon: You're right sweetie, I am not Arab and I agree thoroughly about not being suppressed.

Suppression is being forbidden choices, not anything else. And I have lots of choices, whether you agree or disagree with what I choose.

Arvy said...

@Anon & OPNO

I understand.