Wednesday, November 3, 2010


From my husband the following classic:

My Omani Prince, aka MOP: "Sometimes, my English, it suck."

BTW, the picture on this post is random and had NOTHING to do with the quote of the day. I just like to post with pictures.


UmmKhaled said...

Aww that is funny...tell him it will get really good soon because he married you :)

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

UmmKhaled: when he said it I laughed so hard. Well, when we met, he hardly spoke English at all, soooooo... Hehehe, though my English is getting worse because Omani-ze everything lol.

Mira said...

Beautiful girl in hijab Masha Allah.....but way too much make up...noticed that Arab girls if they wear makeup always pile it on...Allahswa made you exactly the way you need to be,don't try to improve on his creation and make yourself into someone you are not...that is cheating, and deceiving.

Zaynab said...

Ahahaha, I'm sorry for laughing because I know the feeling, but that's too funny :D And that was several years ago, mashaAllah things change.