Sunday, November 7, 2010

OPNO hates... this style of decorating, ick:p

I really, really hating overly guilded furniture in a faux-french setting, ie the Arab home. It NEVER comes across as classy to me, but reminds me of a badly staged soap opera about catty rich & famous that I'd be ashamed to watch (good thing I don't other than in arabic, which I don't understand, so when i translate, it is more SCRUBS than whatever Kuwaiti drama about a stolen dress it happens to be in actuality).
I must admit, the majority of classical furniture in Oman is of this kind, so it IS part of the culture, but I don't like it, nor do I accept it. I don't know why but OPNO finds it rather preposterous and strange. And usually it is not complete, the gilded furnished room has a fan beating overhead, not a crystal chandelier. Or the gilt furniture has a cheap plastic-y looking brocade on it. Egyptian and Kuwaiti soap operas, here we come, imitating a commercial Arab pop culture.
Some people see all that marble and guilding as lux, but I see the maids and the cheap fabric on the couch pillows, and I don't see it as anything close. Luxury is effortless, and comfortable, in order to be just that. Elegance is refusal, not ostentation. And I am no minimalist.But when your entire house is covered in marble like below, it kind of looks like a bathroom. No offense. Just my ignorant, NOTREALLYOMANI opinion.


Boxie said...

lol, the house down the street XD

Anonymous said...

I am 100% omani and 100% agree with you.
I hate it hate it hate it, that is one of the WORST style i've ever seen, and for some reason "arab" are so in love with it feeling all classy ,,,,,

I'll never understand that!!!

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Boxie: Oh the bathroom house in MQ. Some REALLY nice people live there. I feel sorry for them.

100% Omani: What is your favourite style?

Anonymous said...

I love modern and simple style with a colorful twist to it.

Whenever I have the chance i'll send you some pictures of my living room inshallah

100% Omani

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

100% Omani: I would love that! I am trying to feature Omani archtecture and interior design to interest more people in Oman in it to avoid the arab soap opera look.

Anonymous said...

I have young kids so I like space. Though I do like to mix tradition with modern pieces. I like someone to feel welcomed and comfortable when they come to my place. I want something *livable*. sf

Anonymous said...

yesss it looks cheap and too much.

Arvy said...

I'm wondering...with all those furnitures, where is the living area?