Sunday, November 7, 2010

Before and After Shots of Muscat

The old road to Qurum beach.

I remember the old PDO. There was no Canadian club, that is for SURE. In fact, it was hard to explain that there were English speakers who were not British lol. But there were those here longer than I, and I always love to see their pics of Oman.

The new road to Qurum beach:
The old Qurum beach:
Qurum beach as we know it:
Life before the Intercon:
The Intercon. Yes, Omani boys born in the 70s to conservative villages the Sultanate over. What would you have done without your friend driving you here to spy your first half-naked woman? lol. Sorry Intercon. True story via one of my Shebab. Okay, I DO remember old Muscat, because I have lots of friends from old Muscat lol.Way to old Muscat, 2010:


Boxie said...

so nice the old pics, real contrast from the ones now.

Bobby said...

A transformation so great in such a short time is possible only to Oman

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Boxie: I hope some places won't change. InshAllahkheir.

Bobby: Perhaps. The change in mindset in Muscat IS astounding, more so than the construction, at least in my mind, and yet a preservance of some cultural tendancies, which I find remarkable.

Anonymous said...


Old muscat is so much more scenic and beautiful than the new one but the new one is more accessible to ameneties. Can't have both I suppose.
The old muscat is exactly how i pictured it when i read books about this region. So peaceful.