Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Omani Dude Driving+Girl+Ghala=traffic gridlock

I have written too many posts today already but...

Usually I have my lunch in Al Khuwair or Al Athaiba. Today I found myself stuck in Ghala WALKING with no driver. As per usual, traffic here was pretty backed up.

Some young fool in white SUV with the window rolled down in my direction wasn't making it any better.

There were some women in another SUV behind him, and Omani guys the whole stretch back.

This young fool was Omani, and thought he was all handsome and charming enough to pick a girl up in his car.

I did the ignore thing as he greeted me in Arabic. Since the traffic was so slow his driving was my walking pace, so I actually stopped walking for a bit so he'd go on ahead.

Well, he decided to stop, holding up the whole bloody line up of traffic. Saying something undoubtably smooth in Arabic to win me. Good thing I don't understand fool talk.

I was getting annoyed because people in the line up were probably blaming the resultant gridlock on me so I revealed my English identity to Fool with a wave.

"Drive on!" I hollared at him, motioning and giving my most strict look.

He started driving again at my walking pace.

If my shebab were around they'd kill you, I was thinking, remembering a sweet little blue car manned by 16 year olds hunted down by an angry Al _________ & Al __________ when B and I made the mistake of mentioning the colour and make of a car that had stalked us in MQ.

He was HAPPY to reveal that he spoke English and started chatting me up, young fool.

I cut him off drily.

"You know, I converted to Islam and I think its sick that guys like you bother a girl in a abaya more than you did when I wore short skirt. Shame on you."

He went to use the line of only wanting to help.

"Do I LOOK like someone that needs YOUR help? Young fool, I am HELPING YOU. Shame. Your mother and sister: treat me the same.

Drive on. You don't want to make me mad. Believe me, I can take care of myself, whereas if you keep bothering me, you're the one whose gonna need some help."

He opened his mouth to say something and I waved him again.

"Drive on!"

He gave up and rolled up his window. The women and three cars with Omani men drove by cheering and clapping, because apparently our exchange was loud enough for everyone on the road and in the nearby coffee shop to hear.

Usually at this coffee shop I get one or two OLD FOOLS trying to take a table next to me. Today I didn't:D


♥ααℓiα♥ said...

LOOOOOOL awww this poor guy struck out X-DDD

Boxie said...

:) Brilliant. I can picture your response vary well, you did your one foot stomp and crossed arms... well that is my guess hah.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Aalia: He did. In front of all rush hour. Which made me slightly less angry than usual.

Boxie: Yes, yes I did. Eye rolls a plenty thrown in for good measure.

hajar aman shah said...

Salam sister, new reader here (big neon arrow, right here!) anyway, i love your blog. Its so funny and real and masyaAllah, you totally hit the ball out of the park with this post! Love it! :) Hostile with Style. all women (especially married ones) should totally practise this..

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

hajar aman shah: thank you sis, asalam alaikom and welcome to OPNO :)