Monday, October 4, 2010


While it MAY not be traditional Omani dress, it for sure impacts the Regional costumes of Oman: the Baluchi dress.

A heavily embroidered tunic with a typical pattern down the front, and looser sirwaal (pants) than the Omani counterpart, the Baluchi dress is very commonly worn in the Muscat/Mutrah area.
Coming from Baluchistan, the style of dress evolved from Bedu Iranian and Pakistani fashions.
And mashaAllah, that little girl is sooooooooo sweet!!!!

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Umm Ibrahim said...

salaams, the baloochi women and men in Iran (Sistan Va Baloochistan province) still wear their traditional attire which is the same as shown, only many women throw a printed lightweight chador over it when out, although they wrap it in a distinctive style, much like a duppatta (i.e. one edge hanging down and one edge thrown up over the shoulder) and their clothing designs have rubbed off on Southern Iranian bandari culture as well as many of those women wear traditional outfits which are rather similar as well.