Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feeling Homesick

I totally miss my sister and watching Amanada Bynes movies with her while eating gummy candies. Don't ask.
A style that is ACTUALLY style. Not bling or imitation of another's style. People where I am from buy things they love and put them together in a personal way (and it looks good). They don't model their homes on Egyptian/Kuwaiti soap operas that make everything look like a plastic Baroque/Poor Man's Versailles.
I miss REAL french fries aka "chips". And no, I can't have the ones at Crowne Plaza. They are battered in beer. :'(. 'Tis a tragedy. And nobody wraps them in newspaper while you wander around the bobbing docks reading boat's names.
I miss the colour of my favourite Auntie's hair. I miss watching "Gilda" on a rainy day, or reading by the fireplace while D watches the news.
I miss you laughing about the football game. Maybe I miss your voice maybe, or people smiling at us as we walk by the hairdressing salon. I don't know. Forgive me.


Lamya said...

Email them or give them a ring, It may help. your family would love to hear from you i bet.

Diamond Girl said...

I know how ya feel sis, I felt the SAME way when I lived in Puerto Rico. People thought I was crazy, because I was living in Paradise, but honestly you miss the little things that warm your heart and make you feel at home. Insha Allah, Allah will make it easy for you.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Lamya: that really did help. I phoned my sis and it was great.

Diamond Girl: this is my home, really. I think I am just missing certain persons and my sister.