Friday, October 15, 2010

Driving in Oman: BAD OPNO, doing it without a lisence AGAIN

On our Sharqiyah excursion, I drove. Now I know, yes, the law is, until you HAVE your full lisence, you have to drive in one of those white cars with red strips, but the car was sans insurance anyway. No I do not have an Omani lisence. But I did officially get the green little cover in Seeb near the airport that says I can LEARN from the ROP OFFICIALLY!!!!! Alhamdulilah, I am going to be FREE!!!! I had a great time driving all the way from Sur to Al Amerat, and no accidents or troubles, though I had never done a roundabout before Sur. But one thing I did notice is I had my foot on the gas to pass this horrible weighted down truck through the mountains, and the RPM was up and it was just making alot of noise. NO, Z, your little Kia does not have the speed that I am used to!:[Above is highschool OPNO, and no, that is no longer her lisence plate so my identity cannot be learned from that lol]. I asked Z about what would happen if I drove around muscat in a souped up pink mustang or Jeep. I mean, would it be okay or would the attention from the boys noticing it was a girl's car drive me to drive myself into a barrier or baisa bus. Z said it would be fine (and this is the chick that makes me sit facing a certain direction in restaurants, so I guess all is good). (I love Mustangs and Jeeps though I know neither are super good quality, forgive me, I am a girl). Unlike our Muscat shebab, I don't appaud car scenes in movies, or give a moment of silence out of respect when a nice Mercedes or Jag. drives by. The Shanfari building does not stop my heart. I have to be driving a Ferrari on the track to appreciate it. And I have only ever driven a Lambourghini, which honestly I like more than Ferrari, personally. Frankly, to drive it around Muscat seems a bit silly to me. You'd be like that fat Qatari dude in a youtube vid I am too lazy to search for who doens't know how to drive it. I'd rather have a decent Range rover, and jeep. I am good at driving Jeeps, manual/standard even. Their klutch system makes sense to me. Or a good old Toyota truck, lol.Anyways, driving from Al Amerat to Qurayat on the way to Sur reminds me to driving to the Big Sur on the California coast highway back in North America. Even some of the geography is the same, only in Oman, you don't spot alot of cattle on the way to Sur. And I have great hopes for passing my driving test here in Oman. Because if these folks passed:Then there is REALLY no reason that I wouldn't.


IamSilla said...


i love the last pic. i do dat when the parking space is soooo limited!!!


MoOn said...

You'll pass it inshala..
oh and believe me I've seen worst than those two in other Gulf countries as well..:)

♥ααℓiα♥ said...
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Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Aalia: Sure, but you have to make better friends than last time, okay;p

And the hair bump doesn't fly with my crew. Makeup is totally okay or a smaller bump, but the big ones won't cut it.

It's not okay in my social set ha ha ha. Just because it does have a certain impression with guys. But I will safely guide you to the safe night spots to get mishcock, ect, and maybe we can arrange a camping trip.

♥ααℓiα♥ said...

I understand hehehe and ever since all of my gamboo3a's broke I have been content with my little half-piece one which doesn't look at all too big or even big!! I think I will save the huge ones for Abu Dhabi :-P

All I want is to see an old friend and eat some mashakeeeek

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Aalia: LOL @ Sh (you know who, the THEIF) and the fake secret service dude from the bank LOL. Oh, you and your friend making skills. Well Sh was my fault. I trust people and avoid suscpision until I have proof.

Mishkaek we'll find for sure and old friends are the best. But let me help you through Omani culture if you want to go through both worlds safely, k? I also know some nice expats:D

fred_says said...

Please dont drive without insurance.

That is so wrong - what happens if you have an accident, and kill someone, injure them so they are paralysed and need surgery? who will pay? you? your insurance - oh whoops....

This is the first ever time I have been disappointed with you & your blog.

Driving illegally IS bad. And if Z's car is without insurance that is just as bad.

In fact, I'm disgusted

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Fred: I would pay, believe me, and find the best med care for that person I injured. As a Muslim, hurting someone while in a vehicle is the same as hurting them without a vehicle and one is fully responsible for another human being under those circumstances in Islam. But I guess I shouldn't depend on my next to extroidinary circumstances to take care of such situations. I am a person with a conscience, but where I was driving there were next to no people. Yes Z should not have been driving without insurance, but she bought it the next day and that required a drive to Muscat anyways (thus driving without insurance). [And to be honest, I think I am a safer and better driver than Z anyways, who tends not to hold the steering wheel or look at the road]. Is an Oman thing, and you are right, it is not a good thing.

I don't encourage anyone to do such a thing and you are right to condemn it. I am sorry for disapointing you, really I am.

I promise not to do so in the future.

But I guarantee you, there are alot of cars in Oman driving without insurance, especially small village areas like the ones I like to frequent on vacation.

I should also encourage the wearing of seatbelts. Which Z does not often do, nor do any of my Omani aquaintances outside of the Capital. That doesn't make it right does it. But it was part of my situation.

Again, please forgive me for my reckless behaviour. Z is far more tame than any of the Omani guys' driving and insurance habits I know so I felt secure.


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Meg: No worries. My Baba sold the car, so the plate doesn't reveal where I am from or who I am at all;D

OR DOES IT??????

Afterall, there are 3 OPNOS, two from North America, and one somewhere in Europe so.....