Saturday, October 23, 2010

Designer Gulf Abaya Brands: Al Motihajiba

All my friends in UAE and Oman like Al Motihajiba for semi-designer good quality abayat. They are well-sewn, use nice fabrics, and the embroidery and hand painting are quality workmanship. To veiw their latest collection, go to their website: or City Center mall in Al Muwalla after Seeb
And older collections:


Umm Ibrahim said...

I love their stuff too! Before leaving Saudi a branch finally opened up in the local Mall..obviously I ran right in and purchased an abaya. LOL...It is plain though but it is indeed the best abaya purchase I made while in Saudi cuz heck...designed/decorated ones do eventually go outta style and the plain ones are worn so much that cheaper ones can look kr@ppy fast. Anyway its their version of the Islamiya style with snaps at the shoulders...they had a huge, huge selection of plain designs-really sooo many different cuts and drapes! And comparitively the prices for the plain ones even the minimally decorated ones was very very good-around $100 or less! Anyway the quality on the one I got is outstanding, the material is internet and is very high quality with the slight spring that quality internet has, it has cording and satin edging along ALL edges even the hem (inside ofcourse) and a mini strap inside the abaya at knee level so if its windy ur abaya doesnt blow open horribly. The cut is very good, better than many others...and I personally usually tried to buy quality plain abayaat-i like my one from them better than the ones I have from First Choice, Abayati and even Bedoon Essm. I think ONLY MyFairLady is on par with cut and quality. I also wear it most often.

So yeah, I highly recommend them. also the have nice and very affordable colored shaylahs and the cool thing is they had block prints (like paint on cloth) and the material was like this thick cotton/rayon material but very substantial yet fluid and light. Only like 40 sr which is nothing!!!

If I had stayed longer id had bought more from them.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Um Ibrahim: I have two shaylas (plain black with black crystal logo) and two abayas from them (I went plain black) and I LOVE them. I don't like First Choice for quality, only design, and Hanayen is bug bucks for quality plain black ones.