Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daily Diary: Mabruk F&F!!! and I am going camping in Sharqiyah

Mabruk F sweetie. S force her to wear the traditional gold necklace for me! OPNO is going to Al Sharqiyah, so sends her warmest regards.


Steve said...

Dear OP,

Mr Steve here (livinginoman). Since leaving Oman I have been following your blog with interest and sadness. Singapore is a great place, but as time passes, we realise what we have left behind. A few observations:

Camping? Really?

Beer battered chips. It’s usually the fish that’s beer-battered, not the chips. Go eat chips.

Missing stuff. Stop writing about things you makes me sad to think of Oman.

Sand surfing. Go to the Al Areesh desert camp and ask them to drive you to the top of the dunes where they watch the sunset. There’s a monster run straight down into the camp. Their equipment’s poor, but good enough!

Bellyboarding. We used to take our boards all the time to Tiwi (e.g. Perhaps you could buy an inflatable boogie board on the internet (e.g. Often excellent waves half way down Oman just above Masirah.

Six Senses Hideaway. Really, really regret not going.

In the Service of the Sultan. Did you buy the book? If not I’ll send you my copy which is collecting dust and is destined to be thrown away in our next move.

The Chedi. How I want my house to look.

Can’t go on.....too sad......

P.S. There are a couple of lines of HTML code at the top of your home page which don’t look as if they should be there. It’s quite easy to remove that chunk of code from your template to stop them appearing.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Steve: LOL I am bad add the HTML anything. My skill was never computers.

Thank you for all the great ideas.

I was really just missing my bestfriend and my sister and things from my father's. Not that I want to leave Oman at all, lol.

Your book copy? I haven't bought it yet and would love it, lol.

Are you coming back then?

I love the Chedi too. I met their designer and architect once. Me and architects always get on great, I don't know why.

I'll make my list about what I love about Oman next then, to convince you to come back.