Saturday, October 30, 2010

Buying a Marriage on the Blackmarket

In Oman, and some other Gulf countries, it is illegal for the men who are citizens of that country, to marry women other than those who hold the same passports as themselves. Omani men can only marry Omani women. But there are those who take wives in secret from the government, as in Islam, it is allowed for a Muslim man to marry any Muslim woman regardless of her citzenship. They either found an Islamic and brave Imam who cared more for the religion than keeping his standing job position in the country [as all Imams should be] believing that only God/Allah can make things lawful or unlawful for the Muslims, not countires. If he believes other than this, well, he is not a Muslim, because it is a form of shirk/disbelief in God) to make unlawful something God has made lawful for mankind.

Please Omantel don't block me, this is true.

But most recognized Imams in Oman are cowards. No offense guys, but you are. And some of the ones left over, are creeps.

This post isn't about the cowards. Cowardice I get, I understand it. It is a sign of weak faith but I don't hate on that. Most men are cowards, husbands, even are the same. Omani girls, who don't go against their families wishes to marry the kind of man they wish to, even though it is halal to, ect... Cowardice I can live with, and just pray for ya'll to have your faith and hearts strengthed.

But creeps.

Any Imam (usually in charge of the Mosque's prayers) will know that selling things from the door of the Mosque is not allowed. The Prophet Mohamed (peace and blessings be upon him)said, “The most beloved places to Allah on earth are the Masajid, and the most hated places to Allah on earth are the Markets.” [Muslim] and “Whoever sells in the Masjid, say to them: May Allah not grant success in your sale.”

This is nothing new to people who worship and believe in God, Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

"And Jesus [Muslims call him Isa A.S] went into the temple of God [Muslims call God 'Allah'], and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves..." King James Bible, Mathew 21:12 Making sales or a business out of the Mosque is forbidden. But, some Imams are making a small business out of black market secret marriage. The average cost for a secret marriage in Muscat is 300 OMR-1000 OMR. BTW, my marriage wasn't that secret or black market bought. But a friend's story inspired me for my novel. I'll write it better but concept goes like this.

Couple seeks out an Imam they hear is willing to marry couples in love without Government permission. Imam informs them that he will marry them, but he is going to charge a "danger" fee for himself and the "witnesses" (and he's only willing to have witnesses he trusts. This is more more money than the couple has, more money even than the girl's maher (marriage dowry from the husband to her) though she offers it up to the greedy Imam.

The brave Omani man wanting to marry the girl gets an idea. He says he has the money but will have to drive to get it from the bank machine but the Imam and the witnesses can follow their car after the wedding. Imam agrees and calls his two "witness" thugs and gives the young couple their Islamic marriage document so they can preform hajj together. The Omani man takes his nervous bride and new wife with him in the car and the creepo Imam and his thugs follow close behind. The Omani man makes a salary of 270 rials a month and the girl's maher was one silver ring and a rose in a traditional box, plus 100 rials. They don't have the money in any bank machine.

The Omani man drives a certain way that he is familiar with and hails down an ROP cruiser that is always parked there and makes like he will tell on the blackmailing Imam and beg mercy from Oman's laws from the ROP guys [who probably disdain the law themselves, as many ROP men that I know have secret marriages to Philipino Muslim girls]. The creepo Imam freaks and takes off, afraid of losing his job. The Omani man then asks for directions in a touristy way to the slightly suspicious ROP men. After that is finished he turns back to his new wife and says:

"The Prophet Mohamed sallalahu alahi wa salaam said, "Whoever sells in the Masjid, say to them: May Allah not grant success in your sale."" New wife laughs nervously. "-And don't you think we said that the best way possible?" He grins.


Anonymous said...


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Dear Anon, CHECK YOUR FACTS, very few men in Oman meet the criteria. I.e disabled, or over forty, not employed in a government job. Yes, it IS possible to apply for permission and some do recieve it [I am one such case of exceptions AS WELL], but you are one of the lucky MINORITY sweetheart. Alot of people in love and who have no Islamic reason NOT TO marry ARE turned away.

Some get it, majority don't or wait up to 4 years to get it on application.

With wasta it is possible in 10 days.

Anyways, sorry but you came across as rude the way you said get your facts striaght.

It IS illegal for an Omani man to marry a non-Omani woman without government permission. FACT. Checked. True.

Government does not have to give permission and does not always give permission. Fact, Checked. True.

What facts have I to get straight or did you misunderstand my post maybe?

Anonymous said...

Anon: I am the victim of that situation with permission. As I wrote before to OPNO, we are waiting almost 4 years to be officialy husband and wife and live together as a normal family. What OPNO said it's totally 100% true and YES - FACT. Checked. True.(c)

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Anon C: BTW, I was turned away when I was too marry a different Omani man once too. No permissions granted for him or me. I did not have the same friends I do now.

Anonymous said...

OPNO, unfortunatelly we do not have friends who can help us, but we wish to, really. All we can do is to wait and knock to the locked door, maybe one day it will open. I wish it from my heart.
I am really happy for you, OPNO. God bless ur marriage.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

C thank you.

And If I am in a personal position to help you I will let you know. It will be post called C I am ready now;)

Don't know if that will be poissible until I get a passport.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, OPNO. You gave me hope. God bless you.

Zahra said...

hi were did you get the quote “Whoever sells in the Masjid, say to them: May Allah not grant success in your sale.” I mentioned it to a friend and she thought I was talking nonsense lol pls supply the source if you can. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi not sure if last comment posted may I ask where did you get the quote “Whoever sells in the Masjid, say to them: May Allah not grant success in your sale.” I mentioned this to a friend and She thought I was talking nonsense lol pls suppy the source if you can?? thanks

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Zahra: I will google it;) but it was posted on the notice board of my very salafi masjid back in Canada so I am sure it comes from something sahih. One moment.

Here is the reference:
“The most beloved places to Allah on earth are the Masajid, and the most hated places to Allah on earth are the Markets.” – Muslim.

And the other one is Muslim as well but I don't have the reference number. Please do write a Sheikh or phone an Islamic line to get the reference number.

Stupid internet, lol.

Zahra said...

Thanks, I've been searching, will try and get hold of an english speaking sheikh, although could prove hard out here lol (uae) however, it does make sense especially when they charge a fortune for books (that cost virtually nothing over here) etc and interest and profit are considered harram, defo food for thought, will let you know if I ever find the exact ref. LOL
oh and I'm sure you've heard it a million times but mabrok on the MRS status, May Allah swt bless it.