Monday, September 27, 2010

Omani Word of the Day: Cat

The Omani word of the day (differing from the Arabic kit-ta) is "se-nora" for "cat". Like the spanish word for lady, but pronounced SLIGHLY differently on the first syllable.



UmmKhaled said...

Awww cute little kitty...CUTE...isn't the arabic work for cat a Gatwa?

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

UmmKhaled: Nope, lol. Maybe emirati gatwa, Omani Senora, Saudi Bisa,

but Arabic is kitta.

Asma said...

It's interesting to see the different words used in the Middle East! Very cool!

loli said...

in jordan they say bise (bis-eh),
in egypt utta (ut-ta)

more words to add to your vocabulary

Malaika said...

ahh what a coincidence, I just asked my fiance this morning how they say Cat in Oman hehhehe

Falaxy said...

that's very interesting! : )

Mustafa said...

I want to add something her.
Many people they don’t know “even Omani themselves”, The word “sannoorah” is very old Arabic word which mean cat. But because only Omani people use it, people thought this Omani word!
Myself, I checked in one of Arabic dictionary, the word “Sanoorah” is stated in this dictionary and its mean the male cat.
But Omani people use it for both mal as “sannoor” and female as “sannoorah”.
And I said because this phrase used only by Omani people, people thought it’s Omani Phrase not origin Arabic.

Zaynab said...

It is fus'ha! It's used in al-Jahiz's Kitab al-Hayawan, if that's of interest to anyone.