Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Eid Time, Polish Your Khanjar! You're Going to be Visiting Grandpa!

Most of my guy friends their grandfather's are HIGHLY disapointed the way the Omani youth of today have let things slip. GONE, gone GONE are the days when you would never catch a lad out of his dishdasha (even while ice skating in Al Kuwair for the first time:D).

Even in conservative villages where all white disdasha and izhar (male undergarment) are de rigeur you will still have people's grandfather's bemoaning the fact that in the old days a man never left home without his khanjar (the omani dagger). And I quote: "Even if he was poor he'd at least stick a knife through his belt to try and look presentable." And of course you need your assa (walking stick/camel stick), and maybe bullet belts criss-crossed across your chest and a rifle.
Most of my friends (not the ones who were Imam's sons of course: M excluding MA) are more into hip hop t-shirts and bling bling watches, and Thai sneaks, and boarder shorts (we are THAT generation after all). But for Eid, AND WEDDINGS, they sport khanjar and bisht and sometimes even assa. To me, it is funny to see, since some of them look foriegn to me in a Kuma.
Since I like to be Miss Sharqiya Village Girl, or Muscati beach brat in abaya and trendy shayla, that is like THEM seeing me dressed in Western clothes.
Funny what we take as our culture.
Eid Mubarak in advance all. Boys, polish your khanjars, girls, get your henna on.


UmmKhaled said...

Ohhh I wanna get my henna on...I love the kandoora...I don't like how they abandon it...my hubby always wears it Alhamdullilah! And I love it! Those men don't realize they look better in their traditional clothes...MUCH MUCH better! Agree????

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

UmmKhaled: I like dishdasha too, but on some of my friends it is really not them. The way skinny jeans just isn't me. I am a jalabiya girl, I love my warqiya. LOL. as long as at is loose and modest still I don't mind Muslim men doing what they wanna do.

But some of them? Yep? Dishdasha, thobe, kandoora, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAy better;).