Tuesday, August 3, 2010

UPDATE (old by now) for travelling to the UAE

If going to the UAE [KSA] from Oman please be aware your Blackberry instant messenger won't work and other internet services. Because UAE and the Saudi (family) claim it is a threat to national security. Yeah. OK.

Because if I were a terrorist I'd instant message the big O my terrorist plans (ripped from a Tom Clancy novel) from my blackberry in Dubai. Because....


Because I can't do that from my I-phone.

Oh no! I, the terrorist, shall have to change phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, you say?

But my pretty sparkly blackberry cover featuring hello kitty WON'T FIT on my I-phone!!!!!! Nooooooo!!!!! My cover will be SO blown.


http://muscatjetdriver.blogspot.com/2010/08/dubai-take-another-evolutionary-leap.html (He broke the story and the Omani newspapers covered it the next day)

(He added the links for what you can use instead:) thanks UD)

(and he added the point that, hmmm, the business capital of the ME is blocking the most used business device-STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD beYOND belief).
And I of course added my AWESOME terrorist speech. Since I have encountered enough stupid anti-terrorism policies back in my home country (people often thought of one member of OPNO---Princess----(former window display designer that she was for a major fashion chain) as a potential terrorist, get that LOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL:XD) to have thought, IF I WERE a terrorist, this is what I would do instead of the stupid, stupid, crap some idiots would think I'd be LAME ENOUGH to come up with. Ah well, UAE, I bet I can get my lil sis and my father a nice blackberry on sale now. That makes OPNO happy.


Anonymous said...

They(emirati govt)had asked RIM to provide them access to snoop no their citizens messages but they were given the boot! sf

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Sf: LOL!