Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quote of the day, via text message

Now, dear readers, do not be alarmed, the following was sent via text message, from a dear Omani friend (or two, or four, who ALL spell the same way):

from M to OPNO: I miss ur cocking.

from other M OPNO: What did you cock today?

from R to OPNO: what did u cock for ur frends?

Oh, oh dear lol. It seems it is THE common way to spell "cook" in Oman since more than 5 people have made the same error. Now dear Omani readers, this is as funny to English readers, as me saying I like to eat "cous cous" meaning the Moroccan dish, and "crackers" meaning the saltine Biscuits, to you.


IamSilla said...

cock??? hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

BTW, some people spell come as cum, wth!!Sf