Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to Use Powder Kohl Eye Liner

I was asked for a link on how to wear real powder kohl. I couldn't find a vid: maybe I should make one? But Guerlain sells a powder kohl similar to the Islamic one and here is a vid on how to apply it.

and here is a vid on different designs one can do with powdered kohl (I add a little oil, olive, to my kohl, to make it liquid so it is easier to work with):


Sakeenah said...

i have the eyeliner in the first vid, its the best!!!
err the Word Verification is arabers LOL

Umm Aaminah said...

Jazaki allahu khair sis! :-)

Anonymous said...

My mom used to apply the traditional kohl that comes from Yemen. LOL. They also put that alot on babies and whenever anyone has any eye-problems as its very healing. I now use the normal eye-liners though don't line the bottom part of my eye. I find that with sweat and time, it makes me look like I have dark eye-circles. sf