Saturday, August 21, 2010


BTW, since the pictures REALLY don't show it, the pallette for the room is as above>my friends took the photographs. On their cellphone. So forgive.
Since I was living a TOTALLY Beduoin/couch surfing lifestyle, my handy laundry hampers provided instant table/wardrobe functionality and were very moveable from camping to staying at friends'. I love them.
This is my kitchen. Which I am so happy to have after being without for sooooooooo long. With a REAL oven lol, which my old space did not have. It is here, that I learned how to make halwa. I am buying next time I'm in Barka, no offense, but making halwa is HARRRRRRRD.
OPNO's favourite place is her makeshift "reading nook" where she drafts her Oman Travel diaries/novel. Camping mat, spare mattress, and mosquitoe net, and pillow cases stuffed with sleeping bags and clothing (lol, when I get a budget, you'll see ACTUAL design in the space). This is making do design. I am still happy with it. Someday you'll see a real majlis maybe????? Weeee'll see.
And my mini-hall-Majlis (that was my old bed for MONTHS!). When it get cooler out am gonna get creative on the rooftop. And my little Baby, who the neighbors want to name Ohood and Warda. Um, she had a name from her owners before, and answers to that, and Baby, soooo... no to the Arabic names. Sorry ALL.
Like my attempt to hide the AC????
Now, know, my decorating budget thus far has ran exactly FIVE RIALS, so that is pretty good for doing with gifts from other people. Expect AMAZING things (inshaAllah) when I have more folous (cash).


IamSilla said...

your place seem soooo cozy!! <3 it

Umm Aaminah said...

A'salaamu alaikum sis... love your space. I like seeing what people can do creatively on a budget more than what they can do with an unlimited bankroll. If I wanna see that, I can check out any home deco mag. :-D

Don't get me wrong, I'm happpppy to be married but I miss all those feminine touches I had in my testosterone-free apartment before. LOL

ma salaama..

Umm Aaminah said...

Salam OPNO. This is in response to your question on my blog about the permissibility of hiding a second marriage (polygny issues).

My husband said it is not haram but it is definitely makruh and to do this (unless there is some extreme circumstance wa allahu alim) would be a sin on the brother for hurting those he is supposed to care for.

As you stated, if we are to emulate our Rasool (saws) then no one would dream of putting their wife through this type of situation, such as you described. However, we know there are practicing muslims and there are cultural muslims and unfortunately the latter often does what they want with Islam as their cover and excuse. I think it's worth to note my husband was fairly disgusted that someone would do that to his family; however his answer to you has nothing to do with his own dislike but rather what is allowed and disallowed in Islam.

I pray that whoever you know facing such a trial that Allah swt gives her better in this life and the next ameen. I love Islam, I accept and abide by (to the best of my ability) all of the rules and I cannot stomach those who twist the words and rulings of Allah swt and the hadith of the Prophet for their own personal use or gain.

And with Allah lies ALL success.