Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quote of the day: Men really do buy love at first sight here in Oman

OPNO: "I am not a romantic you know? I don't believe in love at first sight. Men are really idiots [lol]. They do believe in that stuff here in the Gulf, like they want what they see in movies. If that were true, I would be the ONE for 20 different men. "

Y: "So what do you believe in then?"

OPNO: "I believe in love in the first three conversations and after 1 kiss though. Oh yeah, and one good argument. Can't leave that one off. I believe I am the one that screams 'I love you!' in the middle of a real good fight. If you can still like someone and be terribly angry with them at the same time I think that counts more than any love at first sight nonsense."

Y: "."

OPNO: "I blame my father. If my mother had raised me better, I would have married for money or in state void of ambition, in the very least, someone with good looks who was stupid enough to believe in love at first sight. Alas, he taught me common sense."
Y: "Blessing you are to mankind."


lostinoman said...

you are right about this one lol, one of my omani friends at college here borrowed a book (To Revise) from the girl he liked, and afterwards he kept assuring me he loves this girl and wants to marry her lol, im like dude wtf, you never even really spoke to her much, you never even told her your name lol, poor guy

theres a big difference between love and like, and for love there needs to be lots of shared experiences, moments, and a real understanding of the other person which takes a little while.

this doesent only apply to omani boys' though, i know from experience, lol, i used to talk to this omani girl on the phone for awhile (We only met once) she rang me one day in tears, and told me to ask her father for her hand in marriage!.(she was only 17) and had decided after a few months that she wants "me" as her husband, she barely knows me at all besides a few little insignificant thing's, my favourite colour(Green btw :P) and hobbies etc lol, it was hard for me to beleive!

so our wedding is in november...
lol jokes :P, i had to try explain to her it wasnt right etc, and that didnt go down well, -1 friend for me :( lol.

i think its just that most are pretty unexperienced with their feelings, unfortunately,

Anonymous said...

There's a difference between love and attraction. I believe in attraction at first sight. Anywhere you go, you might see someone from across the room, like the way they look and want to meet them. After you meet, you start dating the person and eventually you fall in love..


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

LOST IN OMAN: OOOOOOOOOOh gosh, girls can be worse than guys sometimes, LOL, okay, alot, because even if we DOOOOOOO know you, and we are "in like" with you, we may idealize your faults into heroic attributes. LOL, I did so with a guy that told me to stay in the house all the time and to never go anywhere and wait for his call ect... I called it "protectiveness" and me being valued. Later he admitted that if we somehow got married (against family wishes) he'd never even let me go to Lulu by myself. I think I would DIE lol, now that my head is clear. Still think he's a good guy, but I overlooked some cultural differences 'in like'. AND I KNEW HIM FOR SEVEN YEARS! If I only knew his colour was green and I was ready to marry him... well, you never know, there like, a 405 chance it could work but.... my body, my freedom, and my time isn't something I am keen on gambling away lol....

Ahhhhh, cute stories. I like.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Phantom: Attraction at first sight, agreed. I have a thing for a certain neck, a certain eyelash curl, and either one colour of dishdasha or jeans and a t shirt on a guy (not skin tight, the tee or the jeans, ughhhh!!!!). Also, if I guy wears his kuma so it is kinda propped on his head but not on his head, I wanna hit him till the hat fits right lol.

And for some reason, my friends tease me, I like bald men. Yul Bryner types. Not Donald Trump.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

LOST IN OMAN: LOL, if you really have a wedding in November, can I come LOL? I have a pink dishdasha and lilac embroidered kuma and I am willing to wear a fake mustache:D I haven't been to the men's side of a wedding since 5 years now (since I was obviously Muslim lol). Though I remember alot of rifles at the one all those years ago. ****And I meant 40% not 405 chance it could work****