Sunday, July 11, 2010

ODE to the old toyota truck

Yes, I know, it was against the law back in the day for us to have owned the above pictured truck. I know it is an Omani-only thing (M, the ROP guy who got it for us back then didn't seem to care much and K, I know the image of my Mother as a crazy Beduoin woman would never have been complete to you if she wasn't zooming around in a truck which in it's previous life had been toting camels). Apparently, Suburban (my fave Oman blogger) from Other Oman wrote this post that now the mulkiya for these old trucks can't be renewed, if you are like us, well, foreigners.

I LOVED that truck. Oman just wouldn't have been Oman without it. What is wrong with a white person driving a pick up truck now really? Why is that un-Omani? Here is my ode to our old truck:


You took us to Nakl, up Jebel Akhdar, that wild flight:
The year Mum was swearing at the Christmas lights.
While they burnt out, cheap Indian imports.
And you took us in reckless sport,
Racing the toothless Beduoin man with his camels
In the back for show, strange looking mammals;
M told us this was your past life-
Before you were gifted to a PDO wife-
We got invited to his nephews wedding;
Where we almost married J off, so jetting,
Cruising down Sultan Qaboos highway
After cutting us brutally off, they gave way
Omani men shocked to see driving manual,
Three ladies with wild hair and suits of Chanel.


Suburban said...

Thank You for the link, and the lovely praise darling!

You gotta love trucks.

THe original law was passed in 2004, just after I bought my Abu Shenab. It was rigorously enforced for the first year, and then gradually slipped into oblivion and the total idiocy of enforcing such a law became apparent. Why they have suddenly decided to start enforcing such a pointless law again, is totally beyond me, but whatever. I was granted an exception this morning, and may own my truck for another year.

Great post! More like this.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Suburban: Yay!!!! LOL, I feel like such a super star when you comment, lol.

I love trucks. Who drafted the original law I wonder?????

Oman has a lot of funny laws. My city back West did to though, like these 2 doozies:

"A gentleman is allowed to carry a longsword after dusk IF he is escorting a lady."

[Since concealed weapons were against the law since 1960 in my city back West, this was a clause used by a very well-read convenience store robber].

"Your vehicle must have someone carrying a lantern escort it up and around the corner of [such and such] Road."

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... my government back home was pretty much like, well, if it worked in 1815, there is no reason it shouldn't still be valid today, lol.