Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Omani Traditional Dress


Umm Kadhim said...


PhantomX said...

OPNO!! what the hell!? These girls are ugly! they look like shemales, espically the girl in the 3rd last pic.. i mean look at her she has a unibrow..wait what! she drew it?! LOL.. Now, going back to skintone ;P As i've said previously.. I believe white girls look alot prettier than dark girls.. OPNO: "Beauty has no color" LOL!! riight..


Umm Aaminah said...

Subhanallah, how different we all are! Thanks for the pics; beautiful masha'Allah.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

UmmKadhim: Yes!

PhantomX: They are children!!!!!!!!!! And yes, lol, some of your traditional Omani makeup in some tribes includes painting on a unibrow ;p it is a fact.

Beauty doesn't have a colour. I posted a pic on that skin whitening post of four gorgeous women of dark and golden skin tones and they are ALL lovely. Not every white woman in lovely lol (I am from a town where every girl was white, had blue eyes, and blonde hair) and I can guarantee you, some of them had unibrows, some of them mustaches, some of them needed braces;p

Not every white woman I going to be a model. Not every dark-toned woman is going to be either. But I believe a woman (and a man's) value are more than their physical appeal.

The most handsome man to me is a kind, honest, hardworking, simple one, who can make me laugh who let's me practice my religion and is proud of me for how I like to study it.

Bald, belly, older even, black as night, white as a fish, I don't care, so long as he is all of the above:D

Umm Aaminah: I agree, subhanallah! It is one of the signs of Allah for mankind.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful mashallah. I got girls so I can picture some outfits on my little princesses! sf