Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lending Money to Friends

TIP for a Financially Responsible Omani Princess (or you won't be living like a Princess;p): Learn from my mistake. DO NOT loan money to Omani friends. If they really could pay the money back they'd have borrowed it from their family. ***Exception is medical emergancies.

If you cannot afford to make a gift of what you are loaning, do not loan it, plain and simple.


Anonymous said...

seems that you have been through a very bad experience!!

PhantomX said...

Personally, if my friend really needed money for something important i'd give him.. like you said, medical emergencies but if my friend repeatedly asked me,
"I need 20 rials plese"
PhantomX: "For what"
i am pur, i don't hav mony.. i'd avoid him.. i don't like desperate annoying beggers.. they discourage me from giving them money espically when they know you have money they become haters and give you the evil eye and talk shit behind your back.. what about you? Princess ;p How do you deal with the situation? What would you tell them if they asked you for money? :P

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Anon: LOL, not very bad, but not the greatest for sure. Money isn't important to me.

PhantomX: Well, lol, I used to think everyone would pay me back. Now I am down -3000.000 RO LOL, and even if someone I am pretty sure will give me 20 rials back asks me for 20 rials, I am like, until I get my 3000.000 back, I am not loaning anymore money:D

They tend to understand. Afterall, I have no family, I am a woman alone in the world, LOL, Islamically "miskeen" so they tend not to ask me again after I am like, well, I can just afford my food and stuff for my home;p