Monday, July 26, 2010

I'd rather....

Yes, rather than a gold maher, I want my man to be thoughtful enough about me to bring me flowers everyday. Or my fave food. Or at least something he knows cheers me up. Am not big on material things, but kindness and compassion and being always in his mind? Big on THAT.

My newest driver brings me a new long stemmed rose everyday, to the annoyance of a potential suitor or two. I am starting to get teased at work.

E: "OPNO, where flower?"

OPNO [embarrassed, points to coffee cup where rose is]. "."

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Anonymous said...

I Love flowers though I don't mind diamonds/gold/jewellery if he can afford that too, lol.

PS: If you keep on taking the rose daily and you know there's nothing going to come out of that, shouldn't you tell the guy so that he doesn't think you are interested (as you do accept the rose, lol) sf