Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Gulf-Girl" Savy for Dealing with "Gulf-Guy Going-Places Rules"

I send Khalil the following text message:

Audrey and I are going to homecentre, and to exchange more of our money, and then to an abaya store down the street. I am KINDA asking you for the permission to ask you for permission [make the man feel good about his manliness] for these kind of things. So if you'd rather I not bother you with my comings and goings, ya, let me know.

I recieved the following text message, typically cryptic 'modern' male Omani:

Have fun sweetie.

It meant he was pleased. And I had gained his trust without having truly been deserving of it, or ever intending to be deserving of it. I found Audrey basically texting Masoud the same thing, only she left out the asking for permission and just told him where we were going. Same same, I knew from experience. She insisted it were different [newbie that was to this whole Khaleeji-woman cultural thing] but deep down she knew that is either of the boys disagreed with us going somewhere [as they had the night we trecked out to Mutrah] they'd just end up driving us, or picking us up preemptively.

We'd both of us has the 'Gulf-guy' savy to say in our text messages that we were going to exchange our money, but had left out that we were going to do that in Mutrah.


PhantomX said...

LOL! Who are these guys and why do you need to ask for permission? Let alone tell them where you're going? How does this rule work exactly? :S

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

PhantomX: LOL, they are characters from my fictional novel (based however loosely on the adventures of five women in the Gulf [mainly Oman]). If you get the drift of writing, lol, the girls were only giving these fictional guys the ILLUSION of asking for permission.

In the story one of the guys ends up a love interest of one of the girls, and the other has always been one of the character's stand-in-big-Omani-bro. The story shows how these guys try to treat the girls like Omanis at some points, and like westerners at others, unsure of where their cultures blend into one another. On the sidebar, where all my stuff is divided by tags, you can see everything tagged, The Book (my book)