Monday, July 12, 2010

Bin there, bin cat (yes, I suck at playing on words)

I want a cat. Just 1. I am still 'miskeen' to some.

We adopted (my family) quite a few when we were in Oman before, all wild bin cats: one so covered in hardened paint he couldn't move, another we called 'baisa' we stopped some Indian and Omani kids from kicking, one came from the garbage at McD's that to this day loves french fries, and another was Darth Vader of Ras Al Hamra ill repute. Baisa was poisoned before I went home the first time.

Here is the story of many Ras Al Hamra 'bin cats' like Darth Vader.

Expats like pets. They have them, but it is very expensive to take them home, so some of them let these pet store cats go outside. They interbreed with local variant of cat. We get a cat overpopulation problem (not caused by expats). It was there before US Oman. Anyways, that isn't the real point of my post. We already know there is an animal overpopulation problem with dogs and cats and little to no rescue facilities for them.

Moving on. Some expats think that maybe they'll drop their cats off in an area frequented by other expats in the hope their pet will seduce some other to take it home and love it. PDO club in Ras Al Hamra is one such place where pets are dropped.

Darth Vader was one such cat. But no one took him and loved him. Him being used to people, he immediately went to snuggle up to a group of Arab teeneage guys. One of them kicked Darth Vader's face in. His nose was crushed. I named him Darth Vader because when he breathes, he sounds like the movie "Star Wars" character.

It took me months of feeding him to get him to trust me. He doesn't like most people, and is afraid of abayas and dishdashas, even mine and my Omani friends who like cats. Which leads me to guess who hurt him the most.

Anyways, expats, I'm sure Darth Vader was a lovely cat with no nasal issues. Take your pets home with you or find them a home. Don't abandon them once you take them in. And don't buy them from pet stores. Take in an orphan one or someone else's pet. the boards at PDO and Al Fair always have expats looking for someone to coddle their baby.

Don't be a jerk.


IamSilla said...

awwww so cute!!! is dat ur cat ?
i used to hve 2+ cats bfore but now i hve none, most of them died bcoz they r old, ive been keeping them more than 5 years, n da cat in dat picture reminds me of Luna. miss her a lot :'(

PhantomX said...

There was a phase in my life where i was really into cats.. I used to have a street cat orange/whitish in color..her name was Bella. she was cute in the beginning but when she got bigger.. she was really aggressive.. I remember having all these scratch marks on my hands. Also, she tore most of my furniture ;) Anyways, i got rid of her and I vowed to never raise a street cat again.. After a few weeks my sister bought british short haired.. she's adorable :)

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

IamSilla: no!!!! But I will get a cat very soon I hope:) inshaAllahkheir, maybe even two???? Though my friends Y and K will kill me.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

PhantomX: Awwww, you named her Bella?

Yeah, some of the Omani bin cats here scratch. I am pretty good with cats though.

I am worried about my furniture but no worries, it'll be fine because the cat I'll get I am sure is pretty house trained.

IamSilla said...

haha im a cat person. street cat, wild cat, indoor cat. name it! i used to take care of them. excpt big cats :p we dnt hve in my state, n if it does my mum wont let me. hahaha. coool.if u manage to get 2 cats, dnt forget to take their pics :) n also b4. i dnt knw y when my cats scratch my hand, i couldn't careless,evntho its bleeding badly, i just let it. but the worst was the wild cat, eventho their r just kittens, their scratch r deep n painful. but their r the most cutest thing, the sound dat they make r rather diffrnt from normal cats

Victoria said...

It makes me sooo sad. Don't tell me people kick and poison them (I know its true but I hate to hear it). I really hate people that don't respect animals and even more those that don't treat their children too. It's not very ISLAMIC is it?!!! I would take all of the cats in if I could but much to my distress, my husband is allergic : (

Anonymous said...

When my ex-husband and I lived in Oman, we adopted a kitten. I asked the people at the "commissary" to keep a look out for a kitten and one day one of the guys came and said he'd located a kitten born to a female hanging around the commie which they fed scrapes of meat. Needless to say, I was thrilled. They showed me where the kitten was but would go get him as he spitted, snarled and threatened to scratch them. Small wonder, the poor thing was terrified. So, I grabbed him by the neck and took him in my arms. The guys at the commie decided that his name should be Khan and so it became. I carried him around in my arms for 6 days, at which time he decided that I was his mother. Khan was precious. A mind of his own and very much my cat. When leaving Oman, I took him home to Holland with. Unfortunately, he died at the age of nine of cancer, but I will never forget my very special cat Khan, who talked to me and let me know what he did like and didn't like, though usually gave in to me, looking disgusted at me for having "forced/coerced" him to do something he really didn't want to do. He died in my arms and I cried my eyes out. Now he is just in my heart.

Wish I could get another Omani kitten and make her/him my own!

Elisabeth Hvilsted-Koopman