Sunday, June 27, 2010


I have a love/hate relationship with wasta (influence).
I totally love when wasta gets me a great job (that I could get anyway-I never take something I am not qualified for) without having an interview. I love that wasta gets me to pay lower prices than most of my friends for applications and other goodies. And when it gets me a great rate on a villa. Or to the front of a line. But honestly, I feel guilty if I get something I don't deserve and can't enjoy it that much. I only like wasta because maybe I am a little lazy. And my friends of not very much influence, love when they can show off whatever little wasta they have to help me. I love that is makes them feel good about themselves. I feel bad for everyone that doesn't have wasta though, and that makes me not want to use it. It is supporting a corrupt system.
But the system really cripples us in the end. Because when something really needs to get done, you have to wait and wait, and ask for favors, and if you don't know anyone, really, you are screwed.
So shall I be able to wait in line, pass the same papers as everyone else, instead of resisting to make that one phone call to speed things up? If we ALL did, it would fix things, sure...
We all know we should. But my hate relationship with wasta is, even if you are trying to be good, sometimes things just don't get done without wasta. I need to get things done. For myself, and my friends, and the people I care about.
What is your relationship with wasta????


Anonymous said...

You have issues lolz!! Oman defines wasta. Not only Oman, other gulf countries. I love wasta it really helped me with alot of things... LOL you shouldn't feel guilty, you should feel lucky to even know people who can help you get the job done.. it's like having a box sealed with tape and there's a knife next to the box.. USE THE KNIFE! In other words, it's a WIN or LOSE situation.. You lose by waiting and you win by not waiting.. haha xD


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Phantom: That's how I feel sometimes. But then what about those who are unlucky? Am I feeding the corruptness? Or is it just the way to get things done? Sigh, lol, yep, I love my issues. I prefer to be caught up in a moral dilmena:P