Sunday, June 27, 2010

OPNO is all for the luggage strike at Muscat/Seeb Int. Airport

M, you were totally lucky your flight for Thailand left at 5:00 cuz at 9:00 A reported to us everything went crazy with the baggage handlers being on strike LOL.

Well, you know what? I support them. They get paid 200-250 rials which isn't enough to have a family on and we all know that. Glad the suits from upstairs had to chuck a bag or two. Oh yeah, they couldn't even do that:p. UTTER chaos A reports to Y who reported it to me but it slipped my mind to mention it.

C'mon, pay fair wages. 500 rials is decent for a hard-worker. Give the crummy no good lazy ones 250.


Anonymous said...

Are you crazy!? 500 rials?! They're just carrying luggage LOL!


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

PhantomX: That isn't all some of them do. I mean decent wages for people in general. Omanis make less. For example, road construction is hard work, the pay should reflect that. it does not. And yet an airport CEO [Omani] who does not work very hard and sends emails to his friends all day with strings of pictures of babies kissing ect, and doesn't REALLY DO his job, his pay should be less than 2000 OMR and then the baggage handlers could have a decent pay raise. No offense, 220 rials IS NOT a decent wage for a baggage handler. Not at all. LOL, I like that we are both very opinionated people Phantom;p