Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Arab-Ish Text Messages

From my screened messages collection of taxi drivers I made the mistake of thinking would not phone stalk me if I called them to pick me up from Sultan Center on a grocery run:

Good evnig i mis u how ar u i want see us plz i want spik weith u plz

Translated by me: Good evening. I miss you [don't know how, I took your taxi only two times and the second time told you not to speak to me rather rudely]. How are you? I want to see you please. I want to speak with you please.

I gust wan spiek witd u ather beutifl grils meen nathing to me belive me since i see u i love u i think nathing of atherz. I whant to see u plaz.

Translated by me: I just want to speak with you---other beautiful girls mean nothing to me, believe me! Since I saw you, I have loved you and now I think nothing of others. I want to see you please.

Now, I probably COULD give this to the ROP (I've certainly shown my ROP friends) or get a new sim, but honestly, the bad spelling and grammer kinda of amuse me. So I've left if it on my screened calls.

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Aalia said...

AHAAAAAAAAAAAAA omg i remember getting messed up texts in OMan too!!! X-D

Anonymous said...

Wow that's creepy :P thank god i'm not a girl.. LOOL :P I've never in my life taken a taxi driver in Oman, ever! You don't need to change your simcard! :P you can blacklist their numbers by calling Nawras or Omantel. Even better, get your drivers license :P


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Aalia: Other than taxis, I never get weirdo love texts XD but my Omani friends ALWAYS spell horribly, and they spell the same word three different ways sometimes lOL

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Phantom: LOL, oh good to know about Nawras and Omantel dealing with things, my Omani friends just tell me to get new sims or let our ROP friends speak to them. LOL, with guys numbers and names I don't need their plate numbers for the ROP to do something about it. They have enough info to go on with that. These guys really aren't scary, just ridiculously bad spellers and generally retarded Romeos;p XD so I've just kept them on screened calls. I COULD post the numbers on a shame list but that would be a little mean and they could to the same to me, after all, I was the idiot who assumed they were good the first time they drove me without asking for a date the first time:p. Taxis in Oman are iffy. I have only met three sincerly good, never even hit on me or overcharged me guys ever. By the names of Fahad (athaiba) Badr (beyond Nizwa) and M (Mubhela/Al Khoud) and of course Mohamed from Al Bahraimi (his marriage offer wasn't creepy and was sincere and this guy never phonestalked me ever when I said no thank you though he did want to gift me a tonne of Islamic books and a designer cat [serious] from Dubai).

I'll do a post on dealing with stalkers. I wanted to do an advice from the ROP post at one point, you know, a regular column ect....