Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I lost in Translation, is my ability to speak English

When I am typing text messages I have started to writing like my Omani friends. It drives my English-speaking friends insane lol. Somewhere in the middle of translating Omani-English messages, I started thinking in the same bad grammer and spelling he he he. Some commen examples that I shall translate for ya'll:

Is it warmth there?
This mean "is it warm there?"

u ali the time make me to lugh
This means I am very funny and "all the time" make my friends "laugh"

i will tray
"I will try"

take it esay, whay yeh need it
"Take it easy, why do you need it?"

no, i am not eat
"no, I haven't eaten."

till me
"Tell me."

Is besaid me
"He's beside me"

sorry i wake up u?
"sorry, did I wake you up?"

Am tootley taird
"I am totally tired."

I had thies falling...
"I had this feeling"


Umm Kadhim said...

My husband is an Iraqi an at home we speak a mix of Arabic and Dutch. But this mixing thing is terrible for both languages. So yeah I know what you mean ;-)

PurpleFigtree said...

Oh Arablish, too funny. Sometimes silently mouthing what they wrote helps to figure out the meaning.

I can't count how many people send me messages saying they're boring when they mean they're bored. I haven't met anyone here yet who gets that one right, despite my explanations.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

UmmKadhim: Oh what an interesting mix u and your husband:D

PurpleFigtree: LOL @ "I'm boring"

Another funny one is "leps" for lips. He he he he.

IamSilla said...

hahaha dats totally funny, seriously if u dnt translate some of 'em i dnt think i will b able to understand 'em