Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Horseback Riding in Oman

One of my all-time favourite sports, I intend to keep this list very up-to-date for all those interested. As of yet though, I have had no personal experiences with any of the stables. Here is the info I have compiled thus far that I promise to check out:

Al Fursan Stable
Al Fursan Stable (also known as Shah Mohammed Khalili’s stables) caters for riders of all ages and levels; from beginners through to competent riders. In addition to riding and show-jumping lessons given by their qualified trainers, they also offer pleasure trips to Qurm Garden, Qurm Nature Reserve, the Creek, and the breathtaking beach in Shati Al Qurm, all accompanied by a guide.

Qurm Park & Nature Reserve , Muscat
99 386 978

Qurm Equestrian School
Located in the beautiful Qurm Park, the Qurm Equestrian School is open all hours and teaches everyone from beginners to advanced riders. The school offers beach rides, carriage rides and carriage rental for weddings or special events. There are five instructors who provide one-hour lessons in riding and show jumping, for those who just want to ride for enjoyment or those who want to ride competitively. They have four donkeys for small children to ride, and they’ve introduced a Pony Club for kids every Monday.

Qurm Park & Nature Reserve , Muscat
99 339 222

And of course, there are the Royal Stables in Seeb for the RGO

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Anonymous said...

I am a horseback rider and I have recently moved to Oman. So I am looking for a place where i can continue my horseback riding freely, Im not a beginner. I live near Al Hail areas. As I am new here, i do not know much yet. So I need your recommendation on where is best to go for an expat. I am originally from Russia. The Royal Stables in Seeb are quite close by, is it possible for an expat to register over there?
many thanx.