Sunday, February 14, 2010

Furniture Essential for Oman: the Wardrobe

I have been shopping around Muscat for the perfect wardrobe/armoire. Most of the nice ones are purchased in full bedroom sets I LIKE ranging from 720-1500 rials. Ones I don't like, are of course, and tragically, less. I have just started checking used, like the boards at Al Fair, and I found fair Al Fahmy wardrobe for 50 rials. I like but I am waiting for my friends to drive me out to Wadi Adai, a few places in Mutrah, and Seeb.

I am a fan of the ones from Morocco and Syria (inlaid, painted, ect). I also like dark wood ones. I am a more traditional girl, so I can't pull off those modern laquered things (which you can find at better prices here).
Few houses in Oman come equipped with closet space so buying a good wardrobe is essential. Since most of the clothes I wear day to day have to be hung (jalabiyias, party dresses, caftans, and abayas) I need a lot of hanging space so the wardrobe is perfect!
Unfortunately, I am picky, and everything I like costs a fortune, and some things are just waaaaay to tacky here. Pink sparkly glitter on dark wood????? WHY?!!!!!!


Dust n Roses said...

Salaam Sis! I just discovered your site yesterday (from old school hejabi's page's blog role) and I really love it. i'm finding it so fascinating; u've got interesting things to say and of course LOVING the beautiful pics of the, mashAllah, beautiful ladies and clothing of your region...keep up the great work!

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

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