Friday, January 8, 2010

Dumb things Omani men have said to me... Pt. 1

Cab driver: "I must give you a ride! You will ruin your complexion... Do you have any friends in Oman?" Creepily, "I can be your friend."
Mutrah Souq stalker/guy: "Pretty lady..."
Pizza delivery guy: "Can I give you a ride home?" No. "Can I have you phone number?"
Random 40 yr old Omani in Sedan: "I want to practice my English." In perfectly good English: "Here's my card."
Another 40 yr old sedan guy: "I have seen you around before and have always wanted to talk to you, and now you are alone. You are very beautiful... Don't tell your mother!"
Some diplomat: "I will go to your father and offer to pay for your University and buy you a house, and one for your sister too. What do you say? Can you read palms?" WTH?!
Jordanian/Omani guy: "Do you know this person?" ...getting jealous of the other fool driving after me while I'm jogging. "Nevermind, I pulled over to talk to you. Mind if I walk with you?" Forgets about his car...


UmmKhaled said...

hehehe that was funny I like the first one!

Balqis said...

you must be a beauty
To me only taxi drivers :P [with due respect of course]

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

UmmKhaled: he he he. Not as bad a UAE though!!!!!

Balqis: Always them taxi drivers... LOL not really. But all of THESE quotes are from before I embraced Islam. Then,I was some very skinny kid with a boy's bowl haircut, and I honestly think it was just because I was white.

Nadia said...

LOL that was funny

Shurooq Al Haremi said...

LOL! TALK about omani guys! it's been so long since i last visited your blog! and this post caught my eye! how are you? keep in touch! xx